Many dealers need help from sportswear vendors to create custom sublimated football design packages. R2gsports manufactures sports uniforms for dealers who want to provide the best quality to their customers at affordable prices. This way, we help small business sportswear dealers collaborate with our in-house designers to create custom football uniforms. 

Football isn’t necessarily won by the best players. It’s won by the team with the best attitude

This blog will discuss what custom sublimated football design packages include and the football apparel in its specifications. These design packages are helpful for dealers who want to order 10 to 50 pieces with the same designs. We will also review the fabric they use to design these football uniforms and turnaround timings.


Reversible football Uniform Package ( Special)

This Package includes 1 reversible jersey for each player and 1 pair of integrated pants. If you do not require integrated pants, then the amount you can deduct 2$ for it. 

Reversible Jerseys

Our Football reversible jerseys are designed with Special Single Ply Matte 4-way Stretch Poly/Spandex body fabric to minimize bleed-through, which is lightweight, breathable, and durable. Sublimation printing on both sides of the jerseys. We provide different customization options, including color, logo placement, numbers, and names. 

Integrated Pants

Integrated football pants crafted with special fabric have a snug fit and build pad around hips, tail, knees, and thighs for maximum safety. Heavy BodyFlex Poly/Spandex body is used with no fly front and Elastic waistband with a Poly/Spandex covered Belt attached.

Preseason special include 

Fifty pieces with special pricing offer. With no upcharge for graphic designs, the standard initial order should be 10, at least 10

Football Uniforms Special Package 

In this Package, each player will get 2 jerseys- Full-dye sublimated home and away compression fit football jerseys. And 1 pair of Full-dye-sublimated Integrated football game pants.

 You can choose a jersey on your body fabric, like body flex Poly/spandex, 4-way stretch eyelet mesh, double-ply body flex, and poly/spandex for yokes/sleeves. MSRP for youth is $218.00 and preseason special is $178.40. You must place the order by 15th July for fast turnaround and revisions., because we manufacture bulk orders for our clients.

The Art of Sublimation

Before we explore the wonders of our custom sublimated football design packages, let’s first understand what sublimation is. Sublimation is a cutting-edge printing technique that transforms ordinary sportswear into vibrant, high-definition canvases. Ink is transferred directly onto the fabric, ensuring the design becomes an endless part of the garment. This results in football uniforms that are durable, lightweight, and incredibly eye-catching.

Where Innovation Meets Football

We are at the forefront of innovation in the sports apparel market. Their devotion to quality and customer satisfaction has made them a trusted partner for dealers seeking to offer top-notch football uniforms to their clients.

Here’s what sets our design packages apart

Unlimited Design Possibilities:

 We recognize that football teams come in various shapes, sizes, and colors, just as the game is diverse. That is why we offer a wide range of design options, so dealers can collaborate with teams and create uniforms that express the identity and spirit of their teams in a way that is unique to each team.

Durable and Comfortable

Using sublimation methods, the design will remain vibrant even after repeated uses and washings, ensuring it won’t fade, crack, or peel. Furthermore, our loyalty to high-quality fabrics ensures our players remain comfortable throughout the game.

Customization Beyond Jerseys

Our company offers more than sublimated sports uniforms. Matching shorts, socks, and accessories are available in are design packages, creating a cohesive look that instills pride in the players.

Superior Performance Materials

There is no doubt that football is a physically demanding sport, which is why we understand the importance of durability and comfort in football uniforms. With the Uniform Packages, your players will be protected with high-quality materials that will stand up to the tough games while providing maximum comfort. No matter the weather or playing conditions, these uniforms are planned to deliver top performance.

Team Unity and Pride

Designing and wearing custom uniforms is vital for team unity and pride and contributes to the team’s success. As a result of our football uniform packages, players can actively craft their team’s visual identity, encouraging a sense of belonging and motivation that may positively impact their team performance.

In-house Designers Support

Every team needs a dedicated design team. We offer professional design assistance to help teams translate their ideas into reality. Our experienced in-house designers will reflect your team’s vision in your uniforms.

Quick Turnaround:

Timely and efficient delivery is a hallmark of our company. As a result of our swift and efficient production process, our new uniforms are quickly deliver to the teams.

The dealer advantage

For dealers, partnering with us opens up a world of opportunities.

  1. Increased Revenue: By offering custom football design packages, dealers can tap into a rapidly growing market. Youth football teams, as well as college and professional teams, always need high-quality uniforms for their games.
  2. Build Strong Client Relationships: Team uniforms are a great way to build trust and loyalty between teams and clients. As a result, it also opens the door for ongoing business relationships, including repeat business and referrals.
  3. Competitive Edge: With our cutting-edge sublimation technology, dealers can stand out in a crowded market, attracting customers who value quality and innovation.


The uniform is more than just a piece of clothing in the football world; it is a statement of identity and a source of pride for the players. However, with our custom sublimated football design packages, dealers can offer teams the opportunity to shine like never before on the field. As a dealer looking to take your sports apparel offerings to the next level and leave a lasting impression on your clients, R2G Sports is your partner of choice. As a company, you can ensure that football is a beautiful game with creation, quality, and uniqueness.


Packages for Youth football uniform design include what?

Our custom football design package is specially create for youth players looking for unique, modern colors and designs. Our Package includes 2 jerseys for home and away, plus a pair of integrated football pants at the best affordable price with excellent durability.

How can I place an order for a design package?

 Dealers who want to buy our custom sports uniform design packages can sign up at our inquiry portal. Our support team will send you all the details about order placement, including team name and numbers, colors, sizes, and logo. 

When is the best time to place a bulk order for football uniforms?

The best time to place your order is a month before so we can create the best design for you and deliver on time. Nonetheless, we offer rush-hour delivery services at the lowest market rates.

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