Hockey Uniforms


R2G Sports offers Ice and Roller Hockey jerseys, socks, and accessories for adults, youth, and women. Hockey Jerseys are available in various fabric weights. They are high-quality and functional, and our graphic design team can provide your team with the unique look they desire. R2G Sports has four jersey patterns: Pro-Fit, Pro Line Lace-Up, Pro Line V-neck, and Varsity.

The Pro Fit Pattern has a Drop Shoulder Double Layer Yoke, Double Elbows, and mesh underarm inserts for breathability. The Pro-Line Lace front pattern has a stylish double-layer drop Shoulder Yoke and Lace Front with metal grommets. The Pro-Line V-neck has a square shoulder yoke. The Varsity jersey is a yoke-less pattern perfect for all teams at great value. The Pro-Line V-neck jersey is also in a double-ply reversible design. Full Sublimated Hockey socks are available to match your jersey. They are made in a 4-way stretch Poly-Spandex and have Velcro tabs sewn in the top seam. Hockey Compression shorts and Compression pants are designed to provide maximum flexibility and blood circulation. Compression pants are designed with Body Flex Poly/Spandex – Light fabric, and compression shorts are crafted with Performance Micro Poly or Performance Mock Mesh Body fabric. Let our graphic designers create a customized jersey that’s just right for your team. Complete your team’s look with Shorts, Hoodies, Shirts, Exercise Gear, and Warm Up Jackets, and Hockey Accessories.

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