Custom Sublimated basketball Uniforms


R2G Sports is a best custom Basketball uniforms supplier, supplying custom basketball jerseys, shorts, warm-ups, equipment bags, and accessories. Our product line aims to equip your team with high-caliber uniforms, outerwear, and equipment that combine excellent quality, functionality, and style. Our basketball jersey selection offers three distinctive patterns: pro-fit, pro-line, and varsity. The Pro-Fit pattern is our premium option, boasting sewn-on armhole trim and carefully set side seams towards the back of the jersey to adjust side designs.

Pro Line jerseys feature a 4″ side seam insert and narrower shoulder straps. In contrast, our varsity jerseys offer a value-driven option with standard shoulder straps and wider backs. These jerseys are crafted from various high-performance fabrics, and you can choose between round or V-neck styles. We specialize in designing custom jerseys tailored to your team’s preferences.

The reversible basketball jerseys feature a distinct design on each side, allowing teams to switch between home and away colors effortlessly. It adds a dynamic visual element to your team’s appearance and enhances strategic gameplay by distinguishing between team members easily.Our  Custom basketball shorts come in two patterns – Pro Line and Varsity. The Pro-Line shorts showcase a 4-inch side seam insert and a 2-1/2″ sewn-on waistband with a drawcord. On the other hand, the varsity Reversible basketball shorts feature a two-panel design with a foldover elastic waistband and drawcord, offering a cost-effective choice. Both shorts are available in high-performance body fabrics.

In addition to jerseys and shorts, R2G Sports  provides basketball accessories like Shooting Shirts and Warm Up Tops in various styles, including pullover, quarter-zip, and full-zip options. Explore our variety of Compression Gear, Hoodies, Workout Gear, Sideline Spiritwear, Arm Sleeves, and custom-designed basketball Backpacks. Each item is carefully crafted with your school and team colors and logos to showcase your unique identity.

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