Suppose you are looking for amazing Sublimated football jerseys that you can customize and create unique designs for in simple, easy steps. Personalization is another aspect you should have so you can put your name, number, and logo for the team Uniforms.

R2gsports allows you to customize your football Uniforms with your choice, and our in-house designers will help you create one of the best mockups for your jerseys. 

We use sublimation technology, one of the best printing methods, and long-lasting. They use different medium-weight and lightweight fabrics to design this apparel. Moreover, we have different patterns for the jerseys.

Choice of Full-dye Sub Football Jerseys 

We design four styles and patterns of Jerseys, which you can choose for your Team Uniforms and feel confident with your personalized cool football jerseys.

You can find different mockup designs of these jerseys on our website.

 Fabric choices 

To craft these custom football jerseys, we use fabrics that are most durable for tailoring this apparel and lightweight with moisture management technology to keep you cool and dry.





This fabric is lightweight and has excellent stretching properties. Despite repeated stretching, it is still able to recover its original length after being stretched again.

7 Tips for designing your amazing Personalized Football jerseys

1.Define Your Vision

Before designing your football jerseys, get your team together and discuss the overall vision. Think about your team’s colors, logo, name, and any specific patterns or graphics you want to include. On and off the field, the design must reflect your team’s identity and values.

2.Choose us as Your Custom Sportswear Provider.

Our company is reputable for producing high-quality sublimated football jerseys. Explore customizable options on our website. Using our easy-to-use design tool, you can quickly create and visualize your jersey design. Don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team if you need assistance.

3.Select Your Base Design

You can browse the designs of their base jerseys on our website. These mockups serve as a foundation for your custom design. Make sure the base design aligns with your team’s style and preferences. You can personalize every design aspect, from the collar to the sleeves.

4.Color Selection

The fun part is choosing your team’s colors. Many color options are available, so you can find the exact color to match your team’s branding. Most teams use bold colors like red, navy blue, royal blue, or black (not counting white). To add depth to your design, use secondary or accent colors to enhance your team’s primary colors.

5.Logo and Graphics

The jersey design revolves around your team’s logo. Upload the best version of your logo and other graphics, such as player names and numbers, sponsors’ logos, or motivational quotes, to enhance the overall design.

6.Customize typography

Your team’s name, player name, and number should be in the right font. Your jerseys can be customized with a variety of font styles from us. 

7.Review and Finalize

After giving all this information to us, our in-house designers will create a jersey mockup for you. Which you can review and finalize before printing. You can view the player name list and number in0-case any mistakes found could be corrected before printing.

More About Us 

We have been making custom Sports Uniforms in the USA at affordable prices for players and teams across New Jersey. 

We have a wonderful team to design your Football jerseys. Our In-house designers will create one of the best mockups for your team to choose from. They work with passion and determination to give the best results.

Our customer service agents are available to solve your queries. We deliver these jerseys in 4-10 working days, but rush-hour deliveries are available. We will provide you with one of the best quality jerseys and designs.


Our custom sublimated football jersey design service offers a rewarding experience. Wearing one of your unique jerseys will represent your team’s unity and passion for the game. Use R2GSports’ best designs, and don’t hesitate to seek assistance. In addition to looking great on the field, your team will feel a strong sense of unity and pride. Let your creativity flow to create football jerseys that impress players and fans. Have your team stand out with stylish and unique designs that will make a statement. With us, you can create a jersey that is exclusively yours. Show your team spirit and make a lasting impression with our custom sublimated football jersey designs. 


How can I place my bulk order on your site?

You can log in to our website and send us an inquiry. Or you can Email us at You can download our Catalog for size, color, and fabric information. Create a list of players’ names, Numbers, and sizes. Make sure you provide the correct information.

What fabric is best for designing Football jerseys?

The best fabric to design the jerseys is polyester and spandex with mixed mesh panels. We use these fabrics because they are light to mid-weight and breathable and have the best moisture management features. Furthermore, spandex returns to its original shape after multiple stretches and doesn’t lose its properties.

What is the purpose of having two colors on football teams?

In team sports, away colors are colored clothing used for away matches. During a game between two teams wearing the same or similar colors, one must wear them. There will be clarity for officials, players, or spectators due to this change. Away colors need to be approved by the governing body of the sport. Teams are required to change into their away colors during away matches. It ensures that there is no confusion between the teams.

What is the Turnaround time of football jerseys from them?

Our jerseys are crafted and designed within our USA Factory and are sent within 4 to 10 working days. Jerseys that are delivered from our overseas factory take four weeks after approval. But if you need jerseys urgently, we also offer a rush-hour delivery option so you can perform with your jersey.

Other than the Default colors of football jerseys, do I have other options?

We provide various color options other than default colors like red, navy blue, royal blue, or black, but you can go for more color choices provided in our color chart. We have a neon color option which has little upcharge. Design your jerseys in amazing colors to show your team’s identity.

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