We are supplying customized baseball pullover short-sleeve jerseys in the USA. The pullover style gives you a classic look that will always stay in style. It is easy to put on and take off, so you can swiftly change in and out of your jersey for games. Plus, it has a great range of customization options, allowing you to create your unique look with professional designs.

R2Gsports provides Baseball/softball uniforms to the teams and sports apparel stores. The main focus of our company is to provide all the facilities to small sportswear businesses

In this blog, we will discuss the main features of Baseball Pullover jerseys that will help you understand why we can be your first choice.

In this blog, we will see the features of our baseball short-sleeved jersey.

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  3. Features
  4. Customization
  5. Convenience
  6. Durability
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The fabric is lightweight and durable, ensuring your jersey will last a long time. You don’t need to worry about static cling or fabric irritation; it is crafted for maximum comfort. 

Its fabric allows air to pass through, making it comfortable to wear even in the warmest conditions. With so many advantages, you can be sure that the jersey will keep you looking incredible game after game!


Whether it’s a quick sprint or a powerful swing, you’ll be able to perform your best in this baseball arm sleeve jersey. The fabric is resistant to stretching and shrinking, so you know it’ll fit perfectly every time. 

The pullover style of this baseball arm sleeves jersey allows for a greater range of motion, so you can move freely. You won’t experience any pinching or binding during intense movements.


Baseball arm sleeve jerseys have superior moisture-wicking properties, keeping you comfortable during the game. Most importantly, they won’t hinder your performance or distract you from the game due to their outstanding design and fabric.

Following are some sub-categories of baseball pullover jerseys:

The full-button pullover jersey offers complete coverage and is easy to wear, while the two-button pullover jersey is a perfect combination of style and convenience. You can choose from the various sizes available that best suit your body type and customize it according to your preference. 

The short sleeve design also allows for a greater range of movement, meaning you can move around freely without feeling restricted. Plus, the varsity pattern gives you a classic sports look. 

You can select between performance micro poly or mock mesh body fabrics for the right look and feel you want. Upgrade to pointelle stretch mesh body fabric for added extra comfort.


Another notable benefit of this jersey is its customization options. You can easily customize it with various colors, logos, and numbers to express your style. 

The fabric is also fade-resistant, so it won’t fade over time, allowing you to enjoy the same bright colors and look as when you first bought it. With the ability to customize your jersey, you can be sure that it will reflect your team’s style and identity, making you stand out on the field. 


Our baseball jersey is designed for convenience. The fabric is easy to cleanand can be machine-washed. It will dry quickly, so you don’t have to worry about it taking too long to prepare for the next game.

This jersey has wrinkle-resistance properties and fading, so you can look sharp every game. All these features make the jersey the perfect game-day companion.


This jersey offers superior durability. Whether you are playing a pick-up game or heading to a tournament, it will be a significant option for you. 

It is made from top-quality fabrics, designed to resist wear and tear, so you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged or worn out after a few wears. Your baseball pullover short-sleeve jersey will look as good as new even after multiple washes. 


The baseball short sleeve jersey is available at imported prices; you won’t have to break the bank to get one. You can also get discounts on vast orders, making it an even more affordable way to outfit your team.

Its high-quality materials and construction make this jersey ideal for all climates, so you don’t need to buy separate jerseys for summer or winter games. 


Whether playing a game or cheering on your team, you’ll make a statement in our baseball arm sleeves jersey. With outstanding comfortability, versatility, and style, this pullover jersey will surely provide you with the look and feel you need for a game day. 

It’s also great for teams on a budget, as it can easily be used for multiple seasons with minimal upkeep. Because of its competitive rates, our baseball jersey is a perfect choice for comfort and convenience. You can show off your team pride in the best fashionable way possible. 


  1.  Which factors should you consider before buying a baseball pullover short-sleeve jersey?

Factors such as comfortable fit, fabric quality, and customization options should be considered when purchasing a baseball pullover short-sleeve jersey. Price, colors, and size are also important factors to keep in mind.

  1.  How long does R2G Sports’ baseball pullover short-sleeve jersey last?

R2G Sports’ pullover short-sleeve jersey is made from top-quality fabrics, ensuring it will last a long time. You can enjoy your jersey for several seasons with proper care and maintenance.

  1.  Is R2G Sports’ jersey fade-resistant?

Yes, R2G Sports’ jerseys are fade-resistant, meaning you can enjoy the same bright colors and look as when you first bought them. So you can show your team pride for many years to come.

  1.  Can you get a bulk order with a quick turnaround from R2G Sports?

Yes, R2G Sports delivers bulk orders with a quick turnaround in our US facility. Once the order is placed, you can get your order within 10 working days.

  1.  Are R2G Sports’ jerseys budget-friendly?

Yes, R2G Sports’ jerseys are budget-friendly. With our competitive prices and customization options, you can get great quality jerseys without breaking the bank. 

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