“In wrestling, there is no substitute for hard work.”

In high school and college athletics, wrestling shorts are one of the most physically demanding sports, resulting in a high injury rate. Because these sports require great strength, durable shorts on the mat are needed. 


 R2Gsports allows you to design your own fight and compression shorts. Choose your team colors and logo placement and leave it to us for the rest of the results. We manufacture the best quality products for your teams at market-competitive prices. 

Manufacturing from our USA and overseas factories will give you the edge of getting more orders from your customers at the best prices.

In this blog, we will discuss our custom wrestling shorts specifications, why you should choose them, and the requirements for Fight shorts mentioned by the NFHS Organisation.

Wrestling mat shorts requirements, NFHS

In high school wrestling, an alternate two-piece uniform consisting of compression shorts and a form-fitting compression shirt was approved for the 2017-18 season. In addition to the traditional one-piece uniform, wrestlers will have the option of wearing a two-piece uniform.

It is required that the compression shorts or wrestling shorts be school-issued and have an inseam of at least four inches that does not extend below the knee. This was the best choice for the athletes who want to wear shorts over singlets and play comfortably in  One-Piece Uniform.

R2Gsports Custom Wrestling Shorts 

 Full Dye Sub Compression Shorts

 Wrestling matches can cause injuries sometimes, so compression shorts are the best choice for young athletes. We use a Full-dye sublimation process to create our Youth compression shorts. Polyester and spandex fabric are used for stitching, which has minimum bleed-through.

Available for all sizes and ages and customized with your team’s color and logo.

Total Dye Sub Wrestling “Fight” Shorts 

The perfect pair of fight shorts for grappling action or cruising around town. These Wrestling Fight shorts have an exceptionally high production quality and added functionality that will impress you. 

Features of Fight Shorts

Customization Process of Wrestling shorts 

The extreme method of sublimation forms the basis of our customization process. Sublimation involves changing ink from a solid state to a gas state, allowing it to stab the fabric on a molecular level.

It creates a vibrant, fade-resistant, and durable print that becomes part of the fabric rather than sitting on top. To deliver top-tier, customizable wrestling gear, we use the sublimation process.

Creative freedom

Team creativity is one of the standout features of our wrestling shorts. Customization begins with an open canvas, allowing teams to express their unique identity. Team colors, logos, mascots, intricate patterns that tell a story, the options are endless. Our uniforms empower teams to take ownership and pride in their clothing beyond pre-made designs.

Working together and consulting

Since every team has its vision, we customize it collaboratively. We work closely with couples to understand their importance, design aspirations, and value open communication. The result is not just a piece of clothing but a picture of the team’s values and spirit. Our In-House designer team can give ideas for visually stunning designs that capture the company’s identity.

Advanced Design Software

We use cutting-edge design software to enable the customization process that lets teams picture their ideas in fine Detail. The software ensures that logos, graphics, and text align seamlessly with the design concept. By testing with different layouts, color plans, and fonts, teams better understand how the final product will look.

Quality Materials as the Canvas

In addition to the design process, the fabric of the wrestling shorts plays an important role. Besides providing a comfortable and flexible fit, high-quality fabrics are the perfect canvas for sublimation. When choosing the suitable fabric, the colors will pop, the design will be crisp, and the durability will be uncompromisable. We strive to deliver wrestling gear that is both useful and stylish.

Precision in Printing

Sublimation printing begins once the design is finalized. This careful process ensures that every detail of the creation is accurately copied on the fabric. Our sublimated Fight shorts feature a visually stunning, high-definition print that seamlessly integrates with the material.

Attention to Detail in stitching

Shorts are design not only through printing but also through craftsmanship. Stitching is entirely done, ensuring a durable and visually appealing final product. Sewn seams provide high durability, and a tailored fit provides flexibility and freedom of movement for peak athletic performance. In addition to looking great, these fight shorts perform very well in the heat of the contest.

Manufacturing Time and Order Placement

We ensure the delivery of Wrestling shorts is within ten working days. We provide the delivery of Wrestling shorts within ten working days. Upon approval of your payment, our overseas factory will deliver your order within four weeks. 

 Our US-based graphic design team will complete All mock-up requests within 24 to 36 hours. Within the same day for revisions.

We handle large orders for high school, college teams, and youth club organizations—the maximum charge of ten pieces. Our customer will get you in touch with our sales Representative, who will guide you. 

Testimonials Tell the Tale

In addition to features and specifications, we measure our success by the voices of satisfied customers. Wrestling teams in the USA always praise our wrestling shorts for their comfort, durability, and unique designs. Team managers looking to make a statement with their gear can find inspiration in these comments, which not only show the brand’s devotion to excellence.

Conclusion of Wrestling Shorts

R2G sports custom wrestling shorts have set new bars for wrestling apparel in the dynamic and competitive world, with seamless design integration through sublimation and a focus on comfort, durability, and customization. We create lifelong customers, giving them the confidence they need to excel in their sport. Providing the best wrestling apparel on the market, our products are built to last. Lightweight and flexible, our shorts offer a comfortable fit for wrestlers of all levels.

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