A challenging game requires protective gear in the field. Football games can get Intense and have chances of injuries. So it would be best to have Pants with built-in Pads for extra protection. 

Sublimation technology mainly prints the custom Football Pants, bringing out vibrant designs and colors. R2gsports custom Football integrated pants are durable and crafted from the best fabric, which is fit for the stitching of these pants.

Built-in pads provide protection, comfort, and flexibility in our pants. 

Football teams at schools and colleges receive special designs from us. Pants come in a variety of colors besides gray and white.

You can customize them according to your team’s color.

 This blog will discuss what type of Sublimated football pants we manufacture for our dealers and teams.

 Type Of Custom Youth Football Pants 

Full-dye sub-Integrated football pants

This adult Integrated pant is designed to meet the game’s toughness and give ultimate protection to the players. These pants have fully sublimated elastic bands covered with polyester and spandex. The fabric used is strong Poly/spandex. It is ideal for various purposes. Additionally, it includes protective pads on the hips, tails, and knees. These padded football pants help prevent serious injuries.

Full Dye Sub Football Pants – Adult/Youth

 These youth football pants are specially designed for youth and adult players. The main features are that you can personalize them according to your team’s colors and designs. It has no fly front but has a Foldover Elastic waistband with Drawcord. The stylish feature is that it also has stretch Mesh Thigh and Knee Pad pockets.

Fabric To craft Football pants 

Heavy BodyFlex Poly/Spandex for the body of the pants because spandex has more flexibility, and it gets back to its shape once stretched and wrinkle-free. Polyester has moisture control technology and is best for sublimation printing.

 We use these fabrics because they are durable and comfortable for wear. It stands out as the most challenging gameplay. We ensure that our clients or teams that purchase football pants from us don’t have any issues on the field. The integrated pads help provide protection. 

The trend of Integrated Football pants In America 

Football pants with integrated padding usually have padding around the hips, thighs, and tailbone. During games, these pants provide additional protection to players, stopping the need for separate padding or girdles. It enables the player’s attire and removes the need to adjust multiple equipment items.

The adoption of integrated pants has been on the rise due to several factors:

  1. We prioritize player safety in football, so we added padding to pants for extra protection against injuries.
  2. Convenience: Players no longer have to wear extra padding as integrated pants stop the need for separate padding. For players of all levels, this comfort was helpful.
  3. Aesthetic Appeal: Compared to classic pants with outer padding or different girdles, football integrated pants are more trendy and professional. Fans, players, and teams alike will benefit from this.
  4. Technological advances help enhance integrated pants’ design and materials, providing excellent protection and comfort. The substances utilized by producers provided maximum moisture-absorbing characteristics without offering adaptability.
  5. Professional football leagues like the NFL influenced colleges, high schools, and youth teams to use integrated pants.

Unique Feature of Custom Football Pants 

Sublimated Perfection

With our sublimated football pants, they take custom sports apparel to a whole new level. This cutting-edge printing method enables us to infuse vibrant and stunning designs directly into the fabric. These pants look great even after many matches and washes, with no peeling logos or faded patterns. Wear pants that reflect your personality, team spirit, or even a quote on the field.

Pullover Ease, Maximum Comfort

There are no more locker room fights over football gear. Our company offers pullover pants designed for comfort.

The flexible waistband assures a secure fit, while the pullover style stops the bother of zippers and buttons. These pants are suitable for both young players and adults. Their design promotes efficiency, making it easy for anyone to get ready.

Tailored for Youth and Adults

There are differences between young football fans and seasoned adults’ needs. Because of this, they offer a large selection of custom youth and adult football pants. We carefully craft each pair of pants to provide the perfect fit and performance features for each age group. Whether it’s sizing or functionality, we’ve got you covered.

Integrated Performance

Our integrated football pants are ideal for adult players seeking to boost performance and support. These pants contain advanced padding and support in vital areas to protect from tackles and hits. With a durable and comfortable design, these integrated pants give you the trust to push yourself to your limits.

Style Meets Import

Style no longer needs to offer functionality. We offer both in equal measure with our sublimated  pants. These pants look great and provide maximum performance due to their careful craftsmanship. During play, tight pants provide compression-like support, which improves blood circulation and helps muscles recover.

Fastest Turnaround time

Furthermore, We manufacture our football  bottoms in the USA and overseas factories. High-quality fabric makes them, and they have sublimated designs. We specifically designed these pants for youth football teams. Our in-house designers and CSR will help you 24/7 with your queries.

Delivery time is 5 to 10 working days if made in the USA and overseas, four weeks. Rush-hour delivery options are available.

Shop Now and Boost Your Game

Football apparel of the future is right at your fingertips on our website. You can choose from sublimated, pullover, and integrated football pants to suit your playing style and choices. Our solutions help coaches and adults improve their game by providing equipment for youth teams and upgrading gear.

Finally, our custom pants combine style, comfort, and performance. These pants cater to football players’ various needs, from youth to adult, from pullovers to integrated options.

Furthermore, visit the R2GSports online store today to gear up like never before for football success.


How do pants fit in the NFL?

For them to look good, they must wear their pants just right. An official rule in the NFL states a player’s pants must cover the entire knee area while they are playing.

 In what material do football customized pants come?

The pants are made from nylon and mesh for hot weather practices and nylon and spandex for tight-fitting games (with team colors). Due to the rough and tumble of the game, zippered fly pants are impractical and subject to damage.

How do football integrated pants work?

These pants that are integrated come with all the pads sewn into them already, so you don’t have to buy them separately.Our Integrated  pants feature seven places throughout to protect you in areas where you often take hits on the field.

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