Custom singlets Introduction

The R2Gsports wrestling singlet shows the standards of performance and style. These singlets mix cutting-edge technology with creative design elements. We use top-notch materials to create our singlets, ensuring they are comfortable, flexible, and long-lasting.

The snug yet flexible fit enables precision and trust. Our singlets showcase wrestlers’ identities with unique designs and vibrant colors. Our custom wrestling singlets are the perfect performance gear for a serious wrestler or eager fan.

We have been designing the best custom sports uniforms in the USA with the best patterns. We have unique designs for women, adults, and youth girls.

Wrestling Singlets

Three different patterns are available for these singlets: Profit, Proline, and Varsity.

Full Dye Sub Reversible Wrestling Singlet – Single Ply – Varsity Pattern

It’s the top choice for wrestlers looking for unmatched performance and utility. A cutting-edge dye sublimation design allows for vibrant, unique patterns that never fade or peel. Wrestlers can easily switch between two unique looks thanks to the reversible feature. 

The single-ply fabric ensures lightweight comfort without losing durability. Varsity Pattern’s bold and eye-catching design blends classic features with a modern twist. Our Reversible Wrestling Singlet with Varsity Pattern is perfect for players who demand performance and style. Available for adults, women, youths, and girls.

Full-dye sub singlets- Varsity Pattern 

This Full Dye Sub Wrestling Singlet in Varsity Pattern combines style and functionality. The color on this singlet won’t fade or crack with the cutting-edge sublimation process.

 The Varsity Pattern has modern and classic styles. The wrestling singlet is comfy and strong for matches and practice. Wrestlers can move well because of the form-fitting shape. This Varsity Pattern Wrestling Singlet is great for showing off style and performing well on the mat.

Full-dye sub singlets Profit Pattern

This Proline pattern singlet is the prime of style and performance in wrestling gear. Full dye sublimation provides vibrant colors and precise details that won’t fade or peel over time. A visually stunning design, the Pro Line Pattern features bold lines and geometric shapes. 

This shirt is comfortable, stretchy, and durable for intense games with quality materials and construction. The snug fit boosts speed and efficiency.

Full-dye Sub singlets Proline Pattern

Wrestling Singlet in Pro Fit Pattern is both stylish and functional. Colors and details stay bright with full-dye sublimation tech, even with lots of use.

 The Pro Fit Pattern combines clean lines and dynamic elements for a visually unique appearance on the mat. With its comfortable, flexible, and durable materials, this singlet allows wrestlers to perform at their best during low matches.

Features of Custom Wrestling Uniforms

Our singlets offer a range of features to provide wrestlers with a personalized and top-of-the-line gear experience. Here are the key features in detail:

Personalize Options

Wrestlers can customize their singlets, from design to color, pattern, and graphics. The level of custom-make allows wrestlers to show their individuality and create their own looks.

One of the most important aspects of a wrestler’s identity is their singlet. You can use it to stand out and make a statement. The singlet is a symbol of pride and achievement for many wrestlers.

Full Dye Sublimation

Dye sublimation makes singlets colorful and durable. The design blends into the material, making it fade-resistant and washable.

Premium Fabric:

In the construction of their singlets, we use high-quality materials. It is lightweight, breathable, and moisture-wicking, keeping wrestlers comfortable and dry throughout their matches and training sessions. As the fabric is stretchy, it also ensures that you can move freely on the mat.

Precision Fit:

We design our singlets to fit perfectly. The singlets conform to the wrestler’s body, offering a snug, supportive fit without restricting movement. Fit improves performance and reduces distractions during matches.

Reinforced Stitching:

The singlets feature reinforced stitching in critical areas for enhanced durability and longevity. Even after repeated use and intense grappling, the singlet maintains its quality even after repeated use.

Compliance with Wrestling Regulations:

Our singlets meet wrestling regulations and standards. The singlets adhere to length, coverage, and design guidelines, so wrestlers can compete confidently.

Team Branding Options:

We offer options for team branding, such as logos, names, and player numbers. Wrestling teams can showcase their unity and pride by wearing singlets that represent their identity.

Quick Turnaround Time:

We recognize the significance of punctual delivery. Wrestlers get their own singlets fast because of a simple ordering system and good suppliers. They work efficiently. They have experts who offer great products.

We offer top-notch customized wrestling singlets. They fit perfectly, allowing wrestlers to show off their style and perform to the best of their ability.


Ultimately, our custom wrestling singlets offer a unique blend of functionality, style, and personalization. On the wrestling mat, these singlets are more than mere garments; they are remarks of individuality.

With innovative design techniques and high-quality materials, we have reformed wrestling apparel. It recalls the wrestler’s unique personality and flair while conforming to the rigorous demands of the sport.

We take great care in crafting our wrestling singlets. We pick each stitch, seam, and fabric carefully. Wrestlers wear singlets to move well and make their moves with skill.

We stand out with personalized service. Every wrestler can create a singlet that reflects their personality. Color blends, personal logos, and team insignia allow athletes to express themselves and stand out. Wrestlers wear singlets that represent their unique journeys and aims.

We provide a variety of sizes and styles designed to adjust various body shapes.Comfortable singlets can boost confidence and improve performance. Our wrestling singlets support wrestlers’ skills and dreams on the mat.

As a result, our wrestling singles are a game-changer. Their garments mix functionality, style, and personalization to empower players. Our wrestling singlets have raised the bar with their personalized design, comfortable fit, and top-notch performance. R2GSports singlets enable wrestlers to excel and showcase their best at the most elite levels of competition.


How are wrestling singlets designed?

Our wrestling singlets are designed with Special BodyFlex Micro Poly Spandex – Medium Weight Fabric minimizes see-through – Pointelle 4-way stretch mesh upper back panel. This fabric is designed to be lightweight and breathable and provides superior stretch and recovery. It is also designed to be moisture-wicking, quick-drying, and antimicrobial, making it perfect for athletes. The Pointelle mesh upper back panel ensures maximum airflow and comfort for players.

What are the different types of singlets?

There are two main types of singlets: stock singlets and custom or sublimated singlets. Unlike stock singlets, custom or sublimated singlets are made to the customer’s specifications. Due to their ability to print complex graphics and designs, sublimated singlets are particularly popular.

How tight or loose should singlets be?

To leverage any additional support during lifting, it should be tighter around the thighs rather than looser around the hips/butt. Ensure your singlet is not revealing and does not cut off circulation to your legs when you try it on.

How do wrestling singlets differ between men and women?

Other than their shape, not much, as you can imagine. They are generally made of the same material but are cut slightly wider around the hips and higher around the chest and armpits. This helps to create a more comfortable fit for women, as their bodies are generally wider in the hips and narrower in the chest than men’s. Women’s clothing is also often designed with more styling details, such as folds and gatherings, to give a more feminine look.

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