Are you looking for football jersey suppliers near you in the USA? with domestic quality and affordable prices for your teams? 

Well, R2gsports is known for its sublimation technology and top-notch products.

Wear our sublimated football jerseys and unleash your team’s champions within. It is the best choice if you’re a professional team brand. The Custom Full-Dye Sublimated football Jerseys from us combine style with innovation. Additionally, these jerseys feature fast colors, cutting-edge technology, and unique designs.

Each football jersey is a work of art that embodies the spirit and personality of your team. With full-dye sublimation, you’ll get a vibrant, long-lasting print that won’t fade or peel. In this blog, we will go through each style of Football jersey we design for the teams so you can easily choose what pattern style suits your football team uniforms.

Types of Football jerseys

We offer different styles of football jerseys, including:

Single Ply Reversible-Pro Line Compression Pattern

This Full Dye Sub-Single Ply Reversible Jersey combines durability with lightweight comfort.

Additionally, these jerseys keep players cool and dry during long games due to their excellent breathability and moisture-wicking abilities.

Taking performance to the next level is the Pro Line Compression jerseys. With strategically placed compression zones, this jersey reduces muscle fatigue and enhances performance. The slim fit and four-way stretch fabric allows players to move freely, giving them the confidence to make intense plays.


Varsity Pattern 

The Varsity Pattern custom Jersey combines timeless style with modern design, symbolizing team unity and pride. This jersey perfectly blends tradition and innovation. Our varsity jerseys are affordable and imported.


Pro-Line Compression Fit Pattern

Innovative technology and quality materials go into the Pro-Line Compression Fit Pattern. This pattern allows better blood flow and reduces muscle fatigue. As a result, athletes can move more confidently and quickly.


A reinforced V-neck with a Double-ply Heavy BodyFlex Poly/Spandex yoke and sleeves with elastic cuffs. Choose a 4-way Stretch Eyelet Mesh or Heavy BodyFlex Poly/Spandex body fabric.

Full Dye Sub Football Jersey – Pro-Line 10 Panel 

Pro-Fit 10 Panel Compression Pattern Full-Dye Sub Football Jersey with Reinforced V-neck with Modified Double-Ply Matte PolyPro Fabric Body, Yoke, and Sleeves with elastic cuff and Poly/Spandex Stretch Gridiron Mesh Lower Body and Side Panel inserts with options for elastic waist or full length.

Pro-Fit 14 Panel Compression Pattern 

The Pro Pattern has a reinforced neck with double-ply Heavy BodyFlex Poly/Spandex yoke and sleeves with elastic cuffs, Stretch cuffs with Mesh, and Heavy BodyFlex Poly/Spandex body and side panels. You can choose between heavy body flex poly/spandex or poly/spandex stretch eyelet mesh upper front chest and back panels. Elastic waists or full lengths are available.

Benefits of Our Custom football jersey 

 Superior Quality:

 As a result, we strive to deliver high-quality jerseys that will last years. All materials used in our sports jerseys are premium and durable; this ensures durability and longevity for teams and players.

Customization Options:

It is important to represent a team’s unique identity. Besides team colors, logos, names, and numbers, players can customize their jerseys to fit their style. Moreover, team members feel a sense of pride and solidarity due to this level of customization.

Enhanced performance:

Our custom jerseys are also durable, moisture-wicking, breathable, and flexible. During active gameplay, players can concentrate on their performance when comfortable and cool.

Besides being comfortable, the jerseys are easy to move in, which helps speed and mobility.

Attention to detail:

Creating custom jerseys requires close attention to detail.

Seams and stitches, however, are carefully stitched to ensure a professional finish.

Attention to detail like this makes a jersey visually appealing but also functional and comfortable.

Durability and longevity:

Furthermore, our football shirts are built to last. Material selection ensures that the jerseys can withstand rough tackles, pulls, and stretches without compromising quality. This longevity ensures that teams and players can rely on our jerseys season after season.

Wide Range of Sizes:

Football teams consist of players of various sizes and body types. We offer a different range of sizes to accommodate everyone on the team. We can perform our best with a comfortable and well-fitting jersey.

Professional appearance:

The look of our jerseys is professional and polished. Teams can present a strong and impressive image by combining high-quality materials, precise customization, and attention to detail. Players benefit from this professional appearance as well as their opponents.

Fastest turnaround

With us, you can get custom football jerseys in the shortest amount of time. Teams are under time pressure when preparing for important matches and events. Our efficient production process in the USA and quality assurance ensure our jerseys are of the highest quality and delivered on time. Our team works hard to help our customers receive their jerseys in time for their games.

Furthermore, we can provide fast turnaround times because of our speedy production process. The fact that our jerseys arrive sooner allows players to focus on their training and preparation without worrying about delays. It is common for teams to seek a fast and efficient jersey delivery service, and our commitment to quality jersey delivery makes them the right choice.

We deliver their jerseys quickly and reliably with their advanced technology and innovative production processes. Additionally, the company offers customization and repair services to ensure customer satisfaction.

As a result, we are a great choice for teams who need quality jerseys delivered quickly.

In-House designer

Uniform designers ensure that Players’ uniforms are stylish and functional. They understand sports aesthetics, performance fabrics, and the unique requirements of each sport. The team develops visually pleasing uniforms, boosts performance, and provides comfort for Players.

Additionally, our in-house uniform designers ensure that every uniform aspect aligns with the team’s brand identity, enhancing the team’s image on the world stage. The result is a united and proud team.

Conclusion Football Jerseys

Ultimately, our custom football jerseys combine superior quality, extensive customization options, and exceptional service. For example, we deliver high-performance jerseys built to last, allowing football teams to take pride in their uniqueness.

Enhanced performance, comfort, and durability are assured by paying attention to detail in design and construction and using advanced fabrics. With our fastest turnaround time, players can focus on their game without worrying about delays. For professional teams and youth leagues, R2g Sport football jerseys are a reliable choice for players and teams.

FAQs Of Football Jerseys 

How long do custom jerseys take to make?

We commit to completing orders in our US factory within ten working days. We will ship overseas orders within four weeks after your approval. Whatever the case may be, they will do their best. Moreover, our US-based graphic design team completes all mockups within 24 to 36 hours, with same-day revisions available.

What fabric is used to design the Custom Football jerseys?

The most common materials for football jerseys are polyester and spandex. Polyester is popular for football jerseys because it is durable, moisture-wicking, stretchable, and shrink-resistant. Wicking away sweat, it keeps players cool and dry. Additionally, spandex, or rubber, allows a comfortable range of motion. These jerseys are ideal for intense play as well as performance.

Are the shirts original?

All of our jerseys are 100% original designs. Also, the United States factory does all the design, color, and stitching. Our jerseys are carefully made to ensure the best quality. Additionally, the fabrics used in the making are eco-friendly and high-quality. The final product is a stylish, comfortable, and durable jersey.

What is the right age for my child to join tackle football?

The game of football helps kids develop a sense of discipline, teamwork, and responsibility. Playing at the right age isn’t a one-size-fits-all proposition. Different families have varying readiness to compete; some choose to compete fast while others prefer to wait for a few years. Ultimately, it depends on the child and their personal development. 

Boys and girls aged 5-17 can participate in NFL FLAG’s non-contact programs.

Starting at ages 5 through 14, Pop Warner offers flag-to-tackle programs based on athletes’ age and weight. Playing Pop Warner has many benefits. 

Should a football jersey be tight or loose?

 Ensure the jersey has plenty of room to wear over a sweatshirt to obscure your gut and keep you warm. If you normally wear a size smaller, you should purchase a size larger. As a result, it will fit comfortably without being too tight. Make sure you try the jersey on before buying it.

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