Millions of players and fans alike are eager about football in keen sports. Modern-day football urges efficient, stylish tools to meet its demands as power increases. A durable and custom equipment bag is among the most important for football players.  R2GSports offers a seamless array of sublimated football equipment bags that combine functionality and style. Here we will explore the benefits of sublimated football equipment bags and the world of us.

Type Of Custom Football Bags

We design different types of bags in various sizes to fit your kit quickly. Strong stitching and durable fabrics make these bags capable of carrying heavy loads. Our factory tests these bags before delivering them to teams and brands.

Full-dye sub-Duffle Bag 

This football Duffle bag comes in two sizes: medium and large. Depends on what size your team and player requires to carry the equipment. It has a stylish front zipper and two side pockets for extra belongings. Large central openings for your Football uniform setup with rooms. It also has a carry handle and shoulder strap.

The medium size bag length is 22 X 12 X 12

The large bag size is 26 X 14 X 14

Full Dye Sub-Basic Backpack

This essential backpack is easy to carry and comfortable, with two shoulder straps with a carry handle. It has two large center pockets to keep all your things organized. It also has a front pocket with a zipper to hold extra belongings safely. Two mesh water bottle sleeves to keep you hydrated. The back of the Football backpack is padded to give you comfortable holding.

Feature of Custom Football Bags 

Understanding Sublimation Technology

Sublimation printing, a cutting-edge design, has transformed sports apparel and accessories. Sublimation creates vibrant, durable, and fade-resistant designs by moving the ink directly onto the fabric. As a result of these creative features, football equipment bags can have detailed and limitless designs that can be fully customized.

The R2GSports Difference

Our sublimated football kit bag brand stands out among rivals. Our oath to quality, design, and customer joy has earned us a loyal following among players and teams. As a company, we are proud of the following:

The Best Customization

Our fully customizable designs allow players and teams to show their unique identities. There are endless options for choosing team colors, adding logos, player names, and numbers. A kit bag including personalized football supplies enables unity and pride within a team and gives a feeling of belonging.

Domestic Quality Materials

Our sublimated bags are built from top-tier fabrics for durability and longevity. In addition to tough training sessions, the bags are designed to withstand traveling. It features backed stitching and well-built zippers; these bags can handle football gear without offering quality.

Creative Design Process

The design process is pleasing and user-friendly. Anyone can create a dream football bag with a few clicks, whether a team manager, coach, or player. With the company’s design options, users can imagine the final product before placing an order.


Our practice of eco-friendly fabrics and printing methods is part of our promise. Minimizing its carbon print helps the company keep the setting for future years.

  1. Football Equipment Bags with Sublimation
  2. Options for endless design

Teams can display their unique style and spirit on Custom football bags with various design options. With vibrant colors and high graphics, sublimation provides rich color and detail for tricky patterns, team logos, and personalized names and numbers.

Durability and Longevity

It is common for classic football bags to fade over time and to have hurt logos due to wear and tear.

On the other hand, our custom equipment bag is built to last. The designs are printed directly into the fabric through the sublimation process, making them resistant to fading, peeling, and cracking.

Uniting Teams and Boosting Morale

On and off the field, a team with personalized football backpacks feels a sense of unity and pride. Seeing a team logo and colors on gear bags fosters a strong sense of team identity and unity among the players.

Comfort and Functionality

In terms of functionality, the custom football bags are built with much thought. There are some chambers inside the bag to ensure that equipment can be set up quickly and comfy straps to ensure that transportation is comfortable.


Football is a fast-paced sport where players must have the right equipment to succeed.

Our sublimated football equipment bags combine style, functionality, and durability, making us a leading factory. 

Players and teams trust us because we believe in customization, quality, and the environment. Customized football equipment bags give players the confidence to take the field with the best gear.

 R2GSports’ sublimated football equipment bags will boost your game and leave a lasting image, regardless of whether you’re part of a skilled team or an individual player.


Is a Duffle bag durable for traveling football teams?

Our sublimated duffle bags are durable and of domestic quality, with solid stitching that doesn’t tear or break.

We check the weight of the bags and then design them according to the teams and brands.

 We use the latest printing technology to create unique designs that don’t fade away over time. The bags are also lightweight and come with comfortable straps that make it easier to carry them. Finally, they are available in various colors and designs that appeal to everyone.

What are the Features of the Medium Football Duffle Bag?

This bag has multiple rooms that allow for storing your football needs. It typically includes a big room to keep your clothing, shoes, and other oversized items. There are separate pockets or spaces for smaller items such as keys, phones, wallets, and accessories.

What is the turnaround time for this bag?

It takes 4 to 5 working days for the USA factory to send out our designed bags. Within four weeks, our overseas factory delivers the bags. Rush-hour delivery options are available. Our bags are of domestic quality and comfortable to carry with room for more things.

Are these football backpacks water-resistant?

The water-resistant material of this essential football backpack keeps your staff and equipment dry. You can carry a bag easily anywhere, whether practicing in or offsite. These bags are available at amazingly affordable prices.

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