These days, many dealers need help from a trustworthy vendor who provides all the services to create perfect sports uniform apparel. Most dealers need help with problems like inconsistent prices, low quality, or no timely delivery when promised. When it comes to sports, especially football, preparation is key to success. Whether you’re a professional team or a local club, having customized warm-up jackets for your players improves their performance. It adds a sense of unity and professionalism to your team.

In today’s digital age, getting high-quality football warm-up jackets manufactured online has become easier than ever. In this blog, we’ll explore the benefits of choosing R2G Sports to manufacture football warm-up jackets for your company.

Type of Football Jackets 

Quarter Zip Pullover Woven Microfiber Warm Up Jacket – Short Sleeve 

The Quarter Zip Pullover Woven Microfiber Warm Up Jacket with Short Sleeves is a universal and stylish athletic wear piece designed to meet the needs of active individuals. This jacket offers functionality, comfort, and aesthetics, making it popular among sports and fitness fans.


 2 Front Pockets with Woven Microfiber Body with Mesh Lining and available Short or Long Sleeve. Optional Hood and Brushed Pindot Fleece Lining Available for an Upcharge

Full Zipper Woven Microfiber Warm Up Jacket

This jacket also has two pockets for extra belongings plus a full zipper, which is easy to wear during workouts or casually. This jacket is also designed with microfiber, a silky material, but the woven one is thick enough to keep you warm in cold weather conditions.

Quarter Zip Woven Microfiber Warm Up Jacket With Caped Back

 This Warmup Jacket has Mesh Armhole Inserts and a Caped Vented Mesh-Lined Back Panel. It is designed with lightweight and breathable fabric with excellent moisture control. It has a stylish look that is best for youth players and fans.

Full Dye Sub 1/4 Zip Pullover 

This jacket has Long Sleeves with a choice of Brushed Pindot Fleece or Poly/Spandex robe body fabric. Polyester and spandex have the best flexibility and moisture management technology.

Quarter Zip Pullover Warmup Jacket 

 The Quarter Zip Pullover jacket has Long sleeves, a Self-material stand-up collar, and a choice of Performance Micro Poly or Performance Mock Mesh fabrics. Moreover, it has Pointelle 4 Way Stretch Mesh fabric available for an upcharge.

How to design your Football Jackets 

Team Colors:

Using your team’s primary and secondary colors for the jacket is a classic design. It is possible to have a solid color jacket with accents or stripes in your team’s secondary color. As a result, the look is clean and recognizable.

Logo Placement:

Logos are crucial to your team’s identity. It can be prominently displayed on the back or front of the jacket. In addition, consider adding the logo to the sleeves or even the hood.

Player Names and Numbers:

Adding a name and number to each player’s jacket is a great way to make them feel special. Generally, these can be placed just below the shoulders on the back of the shirt or the sleeves.

Sponsor Logos:

Consider incorporating your sponsors’ logos into your jackets. Depending on the sponsor, this can be done on the front, sleeves, or back.

Stripes and Piping:

The jacket can be given a sporty and dynamic look by adding contrasting stripes or piping to the sleeves, collar, and hem.

Zipper or Button Styles:

An important factor in the overall look of a garment is the choice of zipper or button closures. A zipper jacket often has a modern, sleek appearance, whereas a button-down coat may have a more traditional appearance.

Hooded vs. Non-hooded:

Decide as to whether you would prefer a hooded jacket or a non-hooded jacket. On the other hand, the hooded jacket can be a practical piece of clothing when it’s cold or rainy or if you’d rather have a more streamlined appearance.

Material and texture:

If you want to create a unique look, use different materials or textures. For instance, you can combine smooth and textured fabrics on a jacket or use a quilted pattern.

Contrasting collars and cuffs:

A jacket’s collar and cuffs can stand out visually by adding contrasting colors or materials to the collar and cuffs.

Custom patterns:

The jacket design can incorporate custom patterns related to your team’s mascot or theme.

Why Customized Football Warm-Up Jackets Matter

Before diving into how R2G Sports can help you manufacture these jackets online, let’s first understand why customized warm-up jackets are essential for your football team.

Team Identity:

A customized warm-up jacket allows your team to stand out from the crowd. Supporters, players, and coaches gain a sense of unity and identity from them.


It’s not just about performance on the field that defines professionalism but also how the team presents itself. Your team will look polished and cohesive with custom jackets, making a positive impression on opponents, fans, and sponsors.

Comfort and performance:

Warm-up jackets for players ensure they stay comfortable and warm so they can focus on their performance without worrying about the weather.

Branding Opportunities:

Your team’s logo, sponsor logos, and other branding elements can be displayed through customization, increasing your team’s visibility and potential sponsorships.

Why Choose R2G Sports for Manufacturing Football Warm-Up Jackets Online

Having understood the importance of customized football warm-up jackets, let’s explore how we can be your go-to partner.

High-Quality Materials:

Providing top-notch quality is our top priority. Our football warm-up jackets offer a wide range of fabrics, ensuring your team gets the best comfort, durability, and style.

Customization Options:

You can fully customize your football warm-up jackets with us. Our jackets allow you to create jackets that reflect your team’s unique identity, using various colors, designs, and printing options.

User-Friendly Online Platform:

We offer a user-friendly online forum that makes customizing a breeze. A few clicks will enable you to upload your team’s logo, select colors, and add any other parts you like.

Quick turnaround: 

Sports often require a quick response, and we understand that. Their quick turnaround time ensures you get custom football warm-up jackets when needed.

Competitive pricing:

You don’t have to break the bank to get quality custom sportswear. Our competitive pricing options allow teams of all sizes and budgets to get high-quality custom jackets.


Taking care of the conditions is important to us. The materials and manufacturing processes they use are environmentally friendly, so you can feel good about the apparel you choose for your team.


Custom Warm-up jackets customized for football teams enhance team spirit, professionalism, and performance. We will be your trusted partner that combines quality, customization, and convenience when manufacturing these jackets online.

Investing in your team’s success and image is more than just getting custom jackets from us. R2G Sports manufactures football warm-up jackets online for teams wanting to elevate their appearance and performance. It will be appreciated by your team, and your fans will love it!


What fabric is used to design the football Jackets?

We use Woven Microfiber, polyester, and spandex, which is a lightweight fabric and provides maximum durability and comfort. Microfiber is a thick fabric with silky soft feels that is best for winter warmup jackets in cold weather conditions. We make sure we provide the best quality product to our dealer.

Is there a reason why football players dress up before games?

Additionally, dressing as a unit signifies professionalism, competition, showcasing practice, and taking home a win among a team.

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