Millions of people around the world play soccer, also known as football. The uniforms also get praise from fans, who want their custom soccer uniforms. Teams can display their unique and proficient look with custom soccer uniforms. It can enhance team spirit and create an identity among players. Most coaches and brands are looking for soccer uniform suppliers in the USA that provide the best quality and prices. 

Our Soccer attire consists of sublimated jerseys, shorts, and accessories designed from lightweight and breathable materials to keep players comfortable during matches. 

Jerseys typically have the team’s logo and colors, while shorts are usually solid-colored. Other accessories may include warmup jackets, hoodies, and compression shorts. These items provide players with full mobility and performance. It will help to improve the performance of the team.

This blog will discuss the features of r2gsports soccer uniforms and why you should choose them as your trusted supplier.


Three soccer jersey patterns:

 Soccer jerseys are designed in 3 styles, which are particularly popular among players: Pro-fit, Proline, and Varsity.

These jerseys have one-button fronts and short fold collars, which are comfortable and look stylish on the ground.

As with the varsity pattern jerseys, proline jerseys have four side seam inserts. This game uses durable high-performance fabric.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a player or a fan; these jerseys will perfectly match you.

Sports soccer shorts are available in two patterns:

Besides being made in two patterns, proline, and varsity, the soccer shorts also feature four side seam inserts, an over-the-waistband fold-over with a draw cord, which is quite comfortable and durable at the same time.

The varsity is only constructed with 2-panels. Both are available in standard lengths. The high-performance body fabric keeps you cool during intense matches.

The varsity is lightweight and breathable, making it comfortable to wear. It also features an adjustable fit to ensure the perfect fit. It is available in various colors and sizes, making it perfect for any team.


In the Sublimated Full-Dye Woven Microfiber Jogger Pattern Warm-up Pants, players stay flexible and move easily. Active pants with elastic ankle cuffs stay in place.

 In addition, it consists of high-quality microfiber that is lightweight and durable for warm-ups, which makes it the perfect jacket for those who prefer the comfort of microfiber. Warm-ups are more comfortable with our loose fit.

In addition to wicking away moisture, soccer warm-up gear allows maximum flexibility and mobility.

Our  line includes Warm Up Tops and Bottoms, Compression Gear, Hoodies, Workout Gear, Sideline Spirit wear, Arm Sleeves, and Player Equipment Bags. These products can be customized with team colors and logos to create a unified look for your team.

We also offer discounts for bulk orders, making it easy to outfit a whole team. They also have a quick turnaround time, so you’ll get your team’s gear quickly. These items are custom designed with team colors and logos.

Features of R2G Sports Custom Soccer Uniform

  1. Our Custom Soccer Uniform offers various fabrics, including moisture-wicking and breathable fabrics. This ensures players stay comfortable and dry during the game.
  2. A sports uniform uses breathable materials to allow proper ventilation and moisture wicking. Additionally, some uniforms may feature mesh panels or breaks to further enhance airflow and breathability.
  3. Sublimation printing is a digital technique that uses heat to transfer dye onto plastic, card, paper, or fabric. This process produces high-quality, long-lasting, and vibrant prints.
  4. Screen printing is a popular method for creating customizable logos and designs on clothing, paper, and plastic. Mesh stencils transfer ink to the surface, allowing for precise designs.
  5. One of the most common ways to customize clothing is to add individual names and numbers. This makes it a popular choice with sports teams and businesses. 

Benefit from Our Custom football uniform

  1. Unity and identity: Custom uniforms help create a sense of unity and identity among team members. Everyone wearing the same uniform creates a sense of belonging and boosts team spirit.
  2. Durability: Because the dye sublimation method forms an ongoing bond between the pattern and the fabric, the design will not fade, peel, or break over time. This creates a long-lasting uniform that survives countless launderings and washings.
  3. Professional appearance: Custom uniforms give a team a more professional appearance. A well-designed uniform can make the team look more serious and impress opponents and fans.
  4. Brand recognition: Custom uniforms can help build brand recognition for a team. However, when a team’s uniform is recognizable and well-designed, it can promote the team and attract more fans.


In conclusion, the R2G Sports Custom Soccer Uniform offers numerous benefits to teams and players, including high-quality materials, customization options, and a comfortable fit. Moreover, by investing in these uniforms, teams can improve their performance on the field while projecting a professional image. We make sure our custom soccer uniforms are made from high-quality materials. This attention to detail enhances players’ comfort and performance and reflects positively on the team’s brand. We believe that investing in quality uniforms can positively impact team morale, leading to improved performance on the field. Additionally, quality uniforms increase the team’s visibility and strengthen its reputation among fans and other teams.


  1. Is it fast to receive my order?

We promise to produce orders within 10 days. Orders paid in our overseas factory will be delivered within four weeks of order approval. Please let us know if you have special delivery needs, and we will do our best. Our US-based graphic design team will complete and process all mock requests within 24 to 36 hours. Same-day revisions.

  1. What is the location of your company?

Moreover, our company is located in Edison, New Jersey, USA. Since its founding, Edison is boosting a vibrant technology community. We are proud to be located here and to contribute to the local economy. Our team enjoys the many opportunities for growth and collaboration that this region provides.

  1. In what ways do soccer uniforms play a key role in a player’s success?

Having a uniform fosters team unity, which can motivate players. It is also important to note that fans and players are together as well. A strong fan base boosts a team’s morale and motivates players. This ultimately leads to better performance on the field. Additionally, it also helps to create a sense of pride in the team and its fans, creating a lasting bond.

  1. Do you have a specific material in mind?

Polyester is probably the most common material on the market today. On the other hand, Choose a material that is breathable, can wick away moisture, and can still stand up to hard play. Cotton is a great option as it is lightweight, breathable, and can absorb moisture. It is also strong and durable. Wool is another effective option as it is also breathable and moisture-wicking, as well as durable.

  1. How does the process of full-dye sublimation work?

Likewise, R2Gsports uses this method because it is the most durable process. A shirt sublimation print consists of printing an image on special paper and then transferring it onto another material. Heat disintegrates the ink into the fabric. This ensures that the image stays on the fabric rather than sitting on the surface. Thus, it will be more resistant to fading, peeling, and cracking. As a result, R2Gsports produces quickly thanks to the faster process.

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