Running is not only the best exercise but also a healthy sport. Many people have a great passion for running races. Many athletes either choose Custom Track and field Uniforms on occasion or go for both. For this type of competition, you also require durable and lightweight uniforms to absorb moisture during long runs and distances.

R2gsports designs the best sublimated Track & Field Custom Uniforms with the best domestic quality and imported prices. As sportswear suppliers, we supply the best custom uniforms to small sportswear businesses and teams. Our best in-house designers will design the best Mockup for you in 24 hours so you can approve it and the process of printing starts.

This blog will discuss the differences between track and cross-country. Additionally, we will see how we Supply our custom track and field/XC apparel. We will also explore the importance of having the right running gear when competing in either sport. Finally, we will provide tips for selecting the best running gear for any player.

Track Field-Cross country Uniforms


Varsity Pattern sleeveless standard back- Round neck

With options for a round neck, standard, or racerback, this jersey offers a fashionable fit. Crafted from Performance Micro Poly or Mock Mesh fabrics.

These jerseys are highly durable and lightweight, offering a cooling effect during endurance races. For women and youth girls, they come in round and V-neck styles.

Proline Pattern sleeveless standard back

Stylish and trendy, this jersey features a proline design. Increased ventilation is offered by the deeper arm holes. The beautiful appearance is enhanced by the round and V-neck style.

Mesh is woven loosely, unlike most types of fabric, which feature closely-woven textures. Mesh garments contain thousands of tiny holes.

This jersey is available for all ages and sizes.

Compression Pattern Track Jersey-Short Sleeves Or Sleeveless

This full-dye sub-compression jersey comes in sleeveless or short sleeves with standard and racerback. Crafted from BodyFlex Micro Poly/Spandex and Light or Pointelle Mesh with Light Fabrics. These durable fabrics have moisture management technology that will keep you dry and cool in the long run.

On the other hand, compression fit will reduce muscle fatigue and boost flexibility. 

 Shorts and Pants

Full-dye Sub compression Shorts and pants:

Full Dye Sub Compression Shorts are a type of athletic wear that provides maximum comfort, support, and style. Using dye sublimation printing, they are made. This technique enables vibrant and intricate designs to be part of the fabric.

The shorts have a compression feature. This feature provides a snug and supportive fit. This fit enables better blood circulation and reduces muscle fatigue during intense activities.

The pants have a 1-inch fold-over waistband and can be customized for inseam length. This product is designed specifically for women and teenage girls.

Pants are designed with a 1-1/2″ Fold over Elastic waistband with a Draw cord. They also feature a Flat seam construction. There are two options available: a 3/4-length and a full-length.

These shorts come in two varieties: Varsity Pattern and Pro Line Pattern. Both styles feature curved hem leg openings and are unlined.


We also offer stylish equipment bags for players to keep their belongings and uniforms in their bags. we design our bags to be lightweight and durable while providing enough space to store player items. They come in various colors and styles to suit any player’s preference. 

They also feature comfortable straps and pockets for easy carrying. We design custom Full Dye Sub Medium Duffle Bag – 22 X 12 X 12 and large 26 X 14 X 14. We also have basic backpacks for a casual look.

Difference between cross country and Track field

Running in Environment

Cross-country athletes run in natural areas such as trails, grass, hills, and sometimes forests. Course length and difficulty can vary.

 An artificial track typically features an oval shape and a standardized dimension for track and field events.

Distance and duration

The distance of a cross-country race is generally longer than that of a track race. Men usually run between 5 and 12 kilometers, while women usually run between 3 and 8 kilometers.

 The distance between 100 meters and 42.195 kilometers can be shorter in track and field races and longer in marathons.

Course Variety

Hills, mud, uneven surfaces, and fences can be found on cross-country courses. This take confuses the race and requires runners to use different techniques.

Track and field events occur on a consistent, flat surface. This allows athletes to focus on speed and technique, rather than changing conditions. By contrast, other events may require athletes to adjust to changing conditions.

Team vs. Individual Focus

The performance of individuals and teams is equally important in cross-country competitions. Combining the finishing places of the team’s top runners gives the team’s score. 

Therefore, cross-country runners often work together to achieve the highest team score. 

Track and field events focus on individual performance and achieving personal bests. Relay races require teams to collaborate.

Special events

This sport includes sprints, middle-distance races, long-distance races, hurdles, relays, jumps, and throws. The jumps category includes long jumps and high jumps.

Unlike track and field, cross country is primarily a distance running sport without specialized events such as jumps, throws, or sprints.

Season and Competition Structure

Fall is the season for cross country, with competitions typically taking place between September and November. 

Track and field usually occur during the spring and summer, topping in major events like national championships and the Olympics.

Feature of our Track Field/XC Uniforms:

Performance with innovation:

Our loyalty to creation rises to our Track & Field Custom Uniforms. It is important to take into account athletes’ unique needs and challenges in these fields when designing these uniforms. Uniforms are designed to give us an advantage. Whether we’re running on a track or tackling uneven surfaces in cross country, they help us stay ahead.

Cutting-Edge Fabrics for Enhanced Comfort:

We recognize the significance of comfort in relation to athletic performance.. The brand uses moisture-wicking fabrics to ensure athletes remain dry and comfy throughout their races. In addition to promoting optimal airflow, lightweight and breathable materials prevent overheating, allowing athletes to focus on what they do best.

Ergonomic Design for Unrestricted Movement:

In track and field and cross country events, athletes need a wide range of motion to perform their movements efficiently. With an ergonomic fit, our uniforms provide athletes public freedom of movement. Sprinters, jumpers, and maneuverers can use stretchable materials and strategically placed seams to improve performance.

Customization Options for Team Spirit:

Team spirit is essential for success in track and field-cross-country events. We understand the importance of creating a sense of unity. Using the brand’s customization options, teams can customize their uniforms with team logos, colors, and athlete names. In addition to improving team identity, it boosts athletes’ morale, creating harmony.

Style Meets Functionality:

Despite the importance of performance, we also realize the importance of style in athletic apparel. Track and field-cross country uniforms from the brand combine functionality with sleek designs, allowing athletes to feel secure and empowered. As a result, athletes can express their identity while showcasing their team identity based on various patterns, colors, and designs.


We are committed to being eco-friendly and minimizing our ecological footprint. The brand’s track and field-cross country uniforms are eco-friendly.

They are produced with careful attention to detail. This ensures high quality and environmental responsibility. Our products donate to a greener future without compromising on quality or performance.


We earned trust in the track and field-cross country uniform industry. Our gear provides players with performance, comfort, and style. Their design is innovative and the fabrics are cutting-edge.

Furthermore, customization options are available.

In track and cross-country races, athletes are trained to perform at their best.

 As athletes strive for excellence, We are a loyal partner, fueling their passion and helping them achieve their goals.

So, gear up with R2gsports and embark on your track and field-cross-country journey with confidence and knowledge.


What is the process for making track-field and cross-country uniforms?

Full-dye sublimation is used to customize the uniforms with great detail.

Our In-house designer will help you create one of the best designs. All the jerseys and shorts are made from breathable fabrics.

What are the rules for cross-country uniforms?

Wearing uniforms requires following the manufacturer’s instructions. In order to compete, competitors must wear their tights with their waistbands above their hips. While standing, no bare midriff should be visible.

Can you wear long sleeves on track?

You can choose from long-sleeved, short-sleeved, or tank top tops. Our Varsity Pattern – Track/XC Jersey Sleeveless with Standard Back and Round Neck is the best choice for XC and Track-field. Players. Crafted from lightweight material and moisture-wicking features, players perform best. The mesh panels provide good breathability and allow for maximum ventilation. It has a classic athletic fit that ensures comfort and range of motion. The jersey is available in various colors and sizes to suit any athlete.

What makes track pants so comfortable?

Like joggers, track pants are usually made of smooth, soft, comfortable, wrinkle-free polyester. Track events wear these. Exercise or athletic events require these pants to absorb sweat quickly.

Does cross country have the highest level of difficulty?

Although cross country athletes are often less visible than other athletes when they compete, their training is among the most physically and mentally demanding.

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