Hockey is an essential sport in the USA during winter. Many fans especially go in cold weather to enjoy the game. The players’ uniforms should be unique and vibrant to stand out on the ice rink.

R2gsports manufactures custom Sublimated hockey Uniforms for teams and brands with the best durability and comfort. They have been designing one of the best custom sports uniforms in the USA and Internationally with their in-house designers.

Hockey Uniforms consist of Jerseys, shells, shorts, socks, accessories, and bags for an extra stylish look. We offer sublimated hockey jerseys in many different patterns and craft them with high-quality performance fabric. Jerseys are the main attire that makes a statement on the ice rink. 

In this blog, we will talk about the different hockey jerseys we make. We will also look at the extra choices for uniforms we provide to make your hockey outfit look better.

Hockey Jerseys 

We design our sublimated Jersey in 3 patterns: Pro-Fit, Pro Line Lace-Up, Pro Line V-neck, and Varsity.

Pro-Line Pattern Full Dye Sub Hockey Jersey

A vital feature of this jersey is its dye sublimation printing. You can directly print fast and durable designs into the fabric using dye sublimation. Over time, the colors and graphics on the jersey will remain intact without fading, cracking, or peeling., providing a long-lasting impression.

Single-layer square shoulder yokes offer mobility and flexibility, allowing players to move freely during harsh gameplay. As a result of this design, the jersey is also long-lasting, making it ideal for use on the ice.

The V-neck collar provides comfort and durability. Youth and adult sizes are available, giving a proper fit.

Reversible Pro-Line Double Ply Pattern Hockey Jersey

The Reversible Pro-Line Double Ply Pattern Hockey Jersey is flexible and valuable. It has a dual-layer solid design.

This jersey is reversible, which makes it stand out. Teams can switch between two different colors or designs by wearing them inside-out.

 This flexibility is handy when teams change between positions or teams in practice or games.

The two-layer design gives long-lasting durability and strength. Rival clubs find it right, and sporty use is also possible.

Pattern design adds style and identity to the Pro-Line Double Ply Pattern Hockey Jersey.

Additionally, we designed the jersey for comfort and movement. The carefully crafted design and fabrics make skating, shooting, and checking easy. 

Pro-Line Lace Front Pattern Hockey Jersey

The lace-up front on this jersey gives a visual appeal and allows for a flexible fit and personalization.

Players can tighten or loosen the laces to achieve comfort and tightness. The lace-up part also adds a classic and timeless look to the jersey, inspired by the early days of Hockey.

 Custom Hockey Socks

Comfort, style, and functionality combine in these Full Dye Sublimated Hockey Socks. They have a range of features that will improve your gameplay on the ice. For added comfort, these socks come with Velcro tabs, making it easy to secure them in place.

 By doing so, the socks stay in place during fast-paced movements, providing a secure and comfortable fit. With sizes ranging from youth to adult, these hockey socks are perfect for players of all ages.

Full Dye Sub Workout Shorts 

The Hockey workout shorts feature a 1-1/2″ fold-over elastic waistband and offer a secure and comfortable fit during workouts. Add a drawstring to adjust the waistband to your personalized fit.

Since everyone has different tastes, we offer a choice of inseam lengths. If you prefer a shorter or longer inseam, you can choose it.

You can choose from Performance Micro Poly or Mock Mesh Body fabrics. The Micro Poly fabric will keep your short workouts cool and dry. Even during complex activities, Performance Mock Mesh Body fabric gives maximum airflow to keep you comfortable.

Full Dye Sub Compression Pants

Body flex poly and spandex fabric give these sublimated compression pants a snug fit and flexibility and lessen muscle fatigue. It has an elastic waistband with a drawstring and flat seams. There are two lengths to choose from half-length and full-length. 

These Hockey compression pants are the best choice for players!

Hockey Accessories

We made hockey warmup gear, hoodies, and jackets for a stylish, complete look during exercise and everyday wear. We design Hockey full-dye sub hoodies and Woven microfiber full-zip and quarter-zip jackets. Sublimated joggers are best for workouts.

Benefits Of Designing Custom Ice Hockey Uniforms From R2gsports

We offer several benefits when it comes to designing custom ice hockey uniforms. Among the key advantages are:


We create ice hockey uniforms with unique designs. It allows you to design uniforms that perfectly capture your team’s identity, colors, and logos. Your team will stand out on the ice by choosing from various color combinations, patterns, fonts, and styles.

Material Quality:

We make our ice hockey uniforms from high-quality materials. The uniforms must be comfortable and durable enough for tough gameplay and the physical demands of the sport. Athletes perform better when wearing breathable, moisture-absorbing fabrics that allow maximum flexibility.

Fit and comfort:

Custom ice hockey uniforms from us provide the best fit and excellent comfort. We tailor each uniform to fit the player perfectly. The customized fit makes you move freely and reduces the risk of injury while playing. We focus on small details like accurate stitching and padding in the right places to improve performance.

Team Identity:

Uniforms help foster team identity and unity. Your uniforms should reflect your team’s values and spirit. Connecting your team’s logo, colors, and design elements is important to create a striking and polished image. In addition to investing pride in the team, customized uniforms have a solid graphic effect on rivals and fans.

Branding Opportunities:

Our custom ice hockey uniforms provide a variety of branding options. You can display your team’s patrons through logos on the jerseys or custom patches. The team can create, get, and develop local teamwork with the help of branding parts.

Boost Team Performance:

Players perform better when they feel safe and comfortable in their uniforms. Our custom-designed ice hockey uniforms can boost players’ comfort, mobility, and focus during games. Players can move freely on the ice thanks to the high-quality fabrics and custom-fitting.

Attention to Detail:

We strive for precision in design and production, paying close attention to details like logo order and stitching. This leads to visually attractive and skilled uniforms for your team.


As a result, R2GSports’ custom hockey uniforms are a winning combination of style, quality, and functionality. With these uniforms, teams can accurately and detail showcase their unique identity on the ice. Durable and comfortable fabrics enable players to perform at their best.

We let teams customize everything, like colors, patterns, logos, and player names, to show our loyalty to personalization. Our custom hockey uniforms provide a professional and unique look for trained leagues or youth matches, creating pride and unity. R2GSports uniforms recall the team’s spirit and passion, so players can step onto the ice confidently.

FAQs Of Hockey Uniforms

What does A stand for in hockey Uniforms?

The players who serve as alternate captains have the letter “A” displayed on their jerseys., just like team captains. NHL teams can have a captain and two or three alternate captains. In the captain’s absence, alternate captains lead the team during games and other activities. They also act as a bridge between the coach and players, promoting a cohesive team environment.

How can I customize the design of my Hockey Jersey?

Design your Hockey Jersey with the team logo and mascot on the front and your name and number on the back. Most players prefer hoodies underneath the jerseys to keep warm during cold gameplay. So, we design one of the best custom hockey Jerseys with the best performance fabric.

What fabric do designers use to design a Hockey uniform?

They make ice hockey uniforms out of wool to show the team and keep them warm. It is also essential to practice wearing uniforms. They’re cheaper than professional uniforms.

What is the turnaround time for Hockey attire?

We design our uniforms in the USA with the best quality material. Our US factory will deliver the order paid within ten to 4 working days. The overseas factory will deliver the order within ten days.

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