Soccer requires a lot of stamina as it needs hours of running. For this, most youth players and adults go for shorts that are lightweight and comfortable at the same time. One aspect of the team shorts has a good and stylish look.

Soccer jerseys are also important, but soccer shorts give the whole Soccer uniform an attractive look. R2gsports designs Sublimated Soccer Shorts with the best quality fabric, which is lightweight and durable. We use sublimation technology to print designs and logos onto the shorts.

This blog will discuss the type of custom soccer shorts we design for youth soccer teams and players. What fabric do they use to craft these shorts? How can you customize these shorts with our easy custom options? Moreover, how can you order bulk full-dye sublimated soccer shorts for your teams?

Type of Personalized Soccer Shorts

Full-dye Sub Compression shorts 

These shorts provide muscle support and reduce tension. It boosts the player’s performance because the snug fitting helps blood flow easily. It has a foldover waistband.

Athletes wear it onsite and offsite during practice and exercise. These Soccer Compression Shorts also stop the risk.

Full Dye Sub Soccer Shorts– Reversible – Single Ply 

These shorts have prints on both sides to switch the position easily on the fields. 

Full-dye Sub Soccer shorts- Varsity and Proline pattern

These soccer shorts have a fully Sublimated design, and the varsity pattern shorts offer a classic and stylish look. The Proline Pattern adds stylish panels to the fabric, giving players a modern look. 

Fabric Use to Craft the Shorts 

Performance Mock Mesh

Mesh fabrics usually have polyester, nylon, or spandex. It is a man-made fabric that is extremely durable. As well as metal mesh, it can have a shiny build.

Mesh fabrics have different weights, thicknesses, colors, and finishes. Flat bFlat-backack mock mesh is lightweight and comfortable.

 Performance Micro Poly

Despite its weightless and wrinkle-resistant nature, Micro Poly keeps the body’s shape and fights peeling and wrinkling. Aside from their durability and strength, they are also more breathable and more comfortable than fabrics that are similar in weight. It has a silky feel and is slightly stretchy. Finish that controls moisture and releases soil.

Pointelle Stretch Mesh

Fine knit pattern with fine lines, floral effects, and small open areas. It has a light, airy feel and is very light. Fine Material Uprise – Four-way stretch, small hole mesh, moisture control.

Body Flex Micro Poly/Spandex

We use this fabric for our soccer compression shorts. It keeps you dry during intense workouts or outdoor activities by absorbing moisture effectively. Moreover, a polyester spandex blend fights shrinkage, fading, and pilling. A superior 4-way stretch and restore system.

Personalization Process

We offer a variety of custom options with our sublimated Shorts. You can customize your team’s colors, logo, and specific design features on these shorts. Unique attire boosts team spirit and leaves a lasting impression on rivals and fans. Our custom shorts allow you to express your team’s passion for the sport through your creativity.

What is the Sublimation Process Shorts ?

Dye sublimation is a classic printing process onto the fabric using heat and pressure. Sublimation printing uses polyester fabric as the best option. Now, people use 3D printing to print designs onto fabric and shorts, creating colorful and shiny logos.

Main Features of Our Shorts.

Optimal Fit and Comfort

One size does not fit all, and we understand that perfectly. We design custom soccer shorts to be comfortable, providing a maximum fit for players of all shapes and sizes. The elastic waistband with a flexible drawstring gives a secure fit, stopping any discomfort or distraction during play. The shorts are comfortable and help you focus and perform better during the activity because they are light and airy.

Durability and Longevity

Soccer is physically challenging, so choosing durable gear is important. Our durable soccer shorts withstand frequent use and tough game conditions, ensuring they last. The high-quality stitching and great seams stop wear and tear, providing longevity without trading-off style or routine.

Unmatched Style

Style is a vital part of shorts, and takes it to the next level with their custom shorts. Beyond just showing team colors and logos, the designs and patterns boost the creative appeal of these shorts. Players can feel confident, wearing apparel showing their team’s identity. Whether for a local game or a professional league, our Shorts will make your team stand out in the crowd.

Personalization without Delay:

We understand that every soccer team or individual player has unique choices about their shorts. We offer various custom options to adjust these needs, including team logos, player names, and color variations. Despite the extensive range of options, we offer a streamlined Personalization process, enabling customers to make orders without any holdups.

Fastest Turnaround

Our brand has a reputation for delivering high-quality shorts quickly in the fast-paced sports apparel industry. People know their soccer shorts for their unique designs, great comfort, and the industry’s quickest delivery time. Our USA factory sends the order within 4 to 5 working days. And from an overseas factory within 4 to 5 weeks.

Conclusion Of Soccer Shorts

In conclusion, our Custom Soccer Shorts offer the perfect blend of style and performance. With many custom options, domestic-quality fabric, ultimate fit, and top durability, these shorts set a new bar for soccer apparel. 

If you play, coach, or manage a team, wearing R2GSports Custom Soccer Shorts will improve performance and boost team spirit. Welcome the power of custom sportswear and share the difference it can make in your soccer journey!

FAQs Of Soccer Shorts

Are soccer shorts different from other sports shorts?

The soccer shorts have a light fabric that feels soft and smooth. The soccer shorts consist of a light fabric that feels soft and smooth. They also have a moisture-management feature.

This is because soccer requires fast and skilled movements. Therefore, the shorts need to be stretchable and light. We design these shorts with special details.

What fabric is best for Sublimated soccer shorts?

Polyester with microfibers and mock mesh is lightweight, with the best sweat management and durability. And also best for sublimation printing. You can go to our Product Info to check the fabric we use to design our soccer attire.

Can I personalize my shorts?

We give easy designing options to print your logo name or number. We have a special design for youth players and adults. Youth soccer teams mostly look for different colors and patterns of shorts that give them a good look on the field.

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