Everyone wants to look great on the Field. For this, you require Custom soccer uniforms for youth teams to look stylish and comfortable on the Field. 

These customized Uniforms give the team confidence to perform their best and who they are as the winning team.

Most teams and players seek unique football jerseys with different patterns and colors to bring out their team spirit best. R2gsports, on the other hand, allows teams to personalize their jerseys as they wish. You can provide all the idea information to our In-house designers for the custom soccer uniform, and they will create the best mockup designs within 24hrs for you. We use the best material, which is lightweight and durable for a longer run.  One benefit of ours is we use a sublimation process, a classic way of printing logos, name numbers, and logos that don’t let the paint crack, fade, or lose its shine after washing. We make our uniforms within our USA and overseas factories.

In this blog, we will explore our custom soccer attire and what colors, designs, and patterns we offer you to choose from. What fabric we use and their unique features will benefit you on the Field.

What makes apparel make up Football Uniform

For Soccer attire, you need Jerseys, shorts, and socks, which are vital to the uniform. The color of the custom sublimated soccer jerseys and shorts should differ from the opposing team.

We design Full-dye sub Soccer jerseys in different patterns and designs. Here is the list of jerseys we design for women’s soccer players and youth soccer teams.

Full Dye Sub Long Sleeve Pullover Jersey 

These Soccer jerseys are designed for women/youth girls and adults/youth. The stitching for women is slightly curved to look stylish, and for men, ‘s is the regular best-fit stitching.

 Design with polyester and mock mesh, which is lightweight but also has a moisture control feature to keep the sweat away to keep you comfortable during tough games. The 3 side panels are of pointelle mesh. You also have the option to get Long sleeves or Shorts sleeves.

Reversible soccer jerseys 

 These jerseys are designed from the inner and outer sides with sublimation printing. These jerseys are affordable and can be worn from both sides to change sides on the Field. It has single-ply mock-mesh fabric with less see-through.

Full Dye Sub Soccer Jersey

This jersey is fully sublimated with a stylish combo of 1 button with collars perfect for coaches and trainers. It has short sleeves, which give it a classic look. Design from Mockmesh fabric which is lightweight and gives maximum airflow. The profit pattern has a paneled look with perfect fitting.

Soccer Shorts 

Full Dye Sub Soccer Shorts- Reversible

The reversible shorts are fully sublimated from both sides, so you can wear them and switch positions. You can personalize it with your number and logo. It also has a drawstring with an elastic waistband. You have the choice of inseam length.

The Reversible Soccer short is available in double-ply and has prints on both sides with inseam. This design is for women and youth girls’ soccer. 

 The varsity Pattern soccer jerseys have 2-panel construction, giving the shorts a classic look.

Complete the uniform with Soccer Accessories, including off-site attire like warm-up jackets, microfiber Joggers, a coach’s polo shirt, and a compression soccer sleeveless shirt. It looks stylish and comfortable for casual and practical wear.

Feature of Our Custom Sublimated Soccer Uniforms 


You can personalize these jerseys with your team names, numbers, and logos. Custom Soccer Jerseys give youth players and teams high spirit and confidence. We give easy customization options for easy choices.


We use high-quality materials with excellent breathability to keep players cool and dry during extreme gameplay. The fabric choice for soccer attire is really important because it requires a lot of strength for running, and mock mesh and polyester absorb all the sweat and keep you cool.


The Fabrics we use to design wick away sweat from the body, helping to regulate temperature and ease discomfort. Moisture management is a key feature that players and teams look for in uniform.


Our soccer jerseys and shorts are durable, built, and crafted from high-performance fabric. They use a sublimation process, which doesn’t lose its fit after washing.


Our attire has Flexible and stretchable materials that allow for a good range of movement without restricting players. Our compression shorts are designed for the player looking for extra muscle support.


We also use Lightweight fabrics that don’t add unnecessary bulk and contribute to agility on the Field. It allows the player to perform best on the Field.

Sublimation printing

 Our soccer apparel is customized using Sublimation printing for vibrant, long-lasting designs that won’t fade or crack easily. The print on the paper is transferred onto the fabric without damaging it. It is the classic way of printing and the most durable.


We offer Custom sizing options to ensure the uniforms fit comfortably and provide freedom of movement. You can review the size chart for exact sizing and best fitting. So your team looks good on the Field.


Some designs may offer interchangeable components, allowing players to mix and match jerseys and shorts. Our reversible jerseys and pants can be wear in both sizes offering easy changeable position jerseys and shorts.

Fastest Turnaround

These soccer uniforms have the fastest turnaround time and quality fabrics and designs. Our uniforms that is design in the USA factory. They are delivered in 4 to 10 working days, and in overseas factories, we send them within 4 weeks or so. If you need urgent soccer attire, we also do rush-hour deliveries.


Suppose you are looking for youth Soccer Uniforms in New Jerseys for your teams. In that case, we provide the best manufacturing with the fastest turnaround time. Our soccer attire has the best quality and durability. Our lightweight fabrics have easy customization options for logo names and numbers. R2gsports uniforms use breathable fabric to keep your players comfortable. We pride ourselves on providing the best quality uniforms at the best prices.


What material are they using to design soccer jerseys?

Polyester and mock mesh is use to design our lightweight, breathable fabric, sublimated soccer jerseys.

What sizes are available for Soccer jerseys?

We have different ranges of sizes on our website, from XS to 3XL. We do our best to meet the player’s specific size needs, so we create best-fit jerseys and shorts for your youth soccer teams.

What colors are available in football jerseys?

We have a variety of color options on our website. You can choose default colors like blue or red. Still, you can customize the jerseys with your favorite colors and design easily with us. We provide fast mockups at 24 hours and the best customer service for queries.

Can I personalize my sublimated Football jerseys?

R2gsports provides personalization options for the brands and soccer teams to create their best jerseys representing their team spirit. You can provide us with all the player names, numbers, and team logos. We will print it on the jerseys for each player’s identity.

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