In the sports apparel world, players wear two types of Sublimated Sports Jerseys, either fully sublimated or embroidered. Most team dealers and brands prefer sublimation jerseys to embroidery jerseys, which baseball players usually wear. 

Both types of jerseys serve to clothe athletes, but they differ greatly in how they’re made, look, and perceive them. Let’s look at each to see what makes them different.

What is a sublimated Jersey?

In contrast, full-dye sublimation jerseys represent a more modern approach to athletic apparel. The sublimation process involves infusing dyes directly into the fabric, creating vibrant, all-over designs limited only by the imagination. It is possible to reproduce virtually any design with stunning clarity and detail using this technique.

Custom sublimated jerseys are renowned for their lightweight and breathable properties, making them ideal for high-performance athletes. The dye-infused fabric ensures vibrant colors and wicks moisture away from the body, keeping players cool and comfortable throughout the game. This combination of style and functionality has made sublimated jerseys popular across various sports.

Furthermore, sublimated jerseys offer a level of customization unmatched by traditional embroidery. Teams can design their jerseys from scratch, incorporating intricate patterns, gradients, and photographic elements. This personalization level allows teams to make a statement on the field or court, reflecting their unique identity and style.

Best Features

Full-Color Designs

Sublimation allows intricate, full-color designs to be printed directly onto the fabric. This method offers more flexibility in terms of design complexity and color choices.


Full-dye Sublimated jerseys typically use lightweight, moisture-wicking fabrics that offer excellent breathability and comfort during physical activity.

Smooth Finish

Unlike embroidery, sublimated designs result in a smooth, flat finish on the fabric. This can provide a sleek, modern appearance to the jerseys.

What is Embroidered Jerseys

Embroidered jerseys are special because they’re made with care and attention to detail. Artisans carefully sew intricate designs onto the fabric, giving the jersey a unique texture and appearance. These tough designs can handle wear and tear, making the jersey last for many sports seasons. Plus, the embroidery adds a sense of history and importance to the jersey, making it more than just a piece of clothing. A custom embroidery jersey becomes a symbol of pride for players and fans, with its team logos, player names, and fancy patterns adding an extra touch of class.

Best Features


 Embroidered jerseys feature designs stitched directly onto the fabric. It creates a textured, raised surface, adding depth and a tactile element to the design.


 Since the threads are tightly stitched into the fabric, embroidery is very durable. It makes embroidered jerseys well-suited for rigorous activities and frequent washing.

Traditional Look

 Many people appreciate the classic, timeless look of embroidered designs. They can add a sense of authenticity and prestige to a team’s uniform.

Divergent Paths, Shared Excellence

In the sports world, R2Gsports offers two types of jerseys: sublimated and tackle twill. Sublimated jerseys are made by infusing vibrant designs directly into the fabric, allowing limitless customization and ensuring players stay cool during games. These jerseys are popular for their style and performance.

Customon the other hand, custom embroidery jerseys are crafted with durability in mind. Using thick fabric, bold designs are embroidered onto the jersey, giving them a classic, timeless appearance. Teams can choose between the bold, customizable look of sublimated jerseys or the enduring quality of tackle twill, depending on their preferences. Both types represent unity, teamwork, and excellence on the field.

Which are durable Embroidered Jerseys or Sublimated Jerseys?

Embroidered Jerseys

Sublimated Jerseys


Conclusion Of Sublimated Sports Jersey

In conclusion, embroidered and sublimated jerseys each bring distinct qualities to the world of athletic apparel. Whether it’s the timeless craftsmanship of embroidery or the vibrant creativity of sublimation, both symbolize team pride and identity. As athletes take to the field or court, clad in their jerseys of choice, they carry with them not just a piece of fabric but a legacy of excellence, passion, and company.

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