The sportswear business in the USA is growing fast, and these businesses require trustworthy suppliers that can provide all the facilities in one place. R2gsports helps you by providing top-quality sports Uniforms that are stitched, sublimated, and personalized with your name, number, logo, and color.  

Idea Matters 

Sportswear ideas should be unique and different to attract customers and get the price they require for it. Well, these days, many dealers are facing problems with suppliers that cannot provide you with all the facilities required for manufacturing. Collaboration with us will help you solve all the problems you currently face with your suppliers.

 What we Offer 

Our company is designed to help local dealers and business or school coaches design their team uniforms, athletic wear, warm-up gear, and spirit wear in one place at market-competitive prices. Our factories, both in the USA and overseas, will help you get more orders from customers, and we will provide you with the order at the fastest turnaround time. 

This blog will discuss what types of sports uniforms are available on our website and for which sports. From jerseys and pants to spiritwear, it will be easy for you to understand us. And what kind of services are available on our website. All the in-depth information so you can become a trustworthy dealer in the long run.

Sports Categories for Uniforms.

  Our main focus is to create domestic quality sublimated uniforms played by athletes in the USA with passion and require uniforms with the best durability. Here are the categories we create for our visitors to choose from;

These sports are widely played in NJ by many young and adult athletes in other cities nationwide. The custom sports Uniforms include sports jerseys, Pants, shorts, pinnies, socks, jackets, hoodies, jogger pants, equipment bags, and many more.

Our Sportswear catalog 

Our sports catalog helps you decide which fabric is used to design Football pants and jerseys, lacrosse Pinnies or fastpitch pants, and many more sportswear. The color palette and patterns we provide. You can choose the best offer at an affordable rate for the type of designs we offer, along with design packages. You can download our catalog by registering your Email address or logging in to our portal, which the team approves. It’s a complete guide for you to choose easily.

We have 21 sports fabrics available, which are also mentioned on our website with their specification, or you can read our blog  21 Types of Sports Uniforms Fabrics and Their Features | 2023 

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Services we Offer

As mentioned above, we have 2 factories, one in Edison, NJ, and one overseas. Each factory uses the same garment pattern, fabrics, and color palette for product consistency, no matter where your order is being crafted. Our main mission is to manufacture Top-quality products with excellent durability in the sports uniforms industry with honesty.

We Provide All The Sports Uniforms Services In One Place.


Our mission is to create unique and best designs for athletes so they look best while playing. We will work with you to create stylish, unique, and comfortable sports uniforms.


The in-house designers will ensure the design and color of your choice best represent your team’s color. Printing is a crucial process that requires all the right information, from name, number, and logo. 


As the name implies, sublimation printing uses heat to fuse ink and fabric. The first thing is to print the design onto special paper. Under heat, inks turn into gas, combining with the fabric to create a permanent print. We use dye sublimation printing technology to produce vibrant colors for sports uniforms.


We create designs that are comfortable and look great using the latest uniform stitching techniques. Our team’s goal is to ensure that your team’s uniforms match your team’s requirements.

Some Important factors Sports Uniforms You should Know 

Quality and Durability

Our uniforms are durable and designed to withstand the rigors of sports. The choice of materials is the first step in their commitment to quality. Our fabrics are not only comfortable but also designed to meet the demands of your sport. It doesn’t matter if you’re a basketball team dribbling down the court or a soccer team sprinting down the field; our uniforms will last season after season.

Customization Options

We are unique in offering a wide range of customization options. You should wear a uniform that reflects the uniqueness of your team. Our uniforms can be customized in various styles, colors, and design features to reflect your team’s identity perfectly. Would you like to add your team’s logo or player names? It’s no problem. Their seamless customization process allows you to realize your vision.

Comfort and performance

Performance and comfort go hand in hand in sports. Ill-fitting or uncomfortable uniforms can hinder a team’s performance on the field. Our uniforms are stylish and useful, thanks to our careful details to design and fit. These uniforms keep you cool, dry, and ready to perform with moisture-wicking technology and ergonomic designs.

Competitive pricing

Custom sports uniforms can be expensive, but we are available at competitive prices. Every team, regardless of size or budget, deserves high-quality uniforms. You’ll get excellent value for your money while maintaining quality with us.

Quick turnaround

When it comes to sports uniforms, timing is crucial. Our quick turnaround time ensures you can get your uniforms before the big game. Your custom uniforms will be ready when you need us, thanks to our efficient production process.

Exceptional customer service

The company prides itself on delivering excellent customer service. A team of dedicated professionals handles every step of the customization process. We will ensure your happiness as we guide you through the entire process.

How to Contact Us 

Starting a small business, then reaching us for all the facilities required for sportswear in one place. You can email us or reach out via phone call. We will send you an inquiry email so you can log into our portal, which is specially designed for business sportswear vendors. We will design one of the top quality designs at affordable prices, which most dealers still need to get. Please choose the best partners so you can Rise To glory with them and create more long-term customers for your business.

Conclusion Of Sports Uniforms

We ensure you a winning edge on and off the field when you choose us as your supplier for custom sports uniforms. You can trust us to provide your team with great uniforms and enhance performance thanks to their loyalty to quality, customization options, comfort, competitive pricing, and fast turnaround.

Choose uniforms that reflect your team’s spirit rather than off-the-shelf options. Outfit your team with custom sports uniforms that make a remark and help you perform at your best. With R2Gsports, your team’s success is our priority.

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