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In sports and adventure, functionality and style go hand in hand. The importance of reliable gear is well-known to athletes, travelers, and outdoor fans. R2G Sports manufactures Full Dye Sub toiletry bag/Dopp Kits in the USA as a leader in sports additions.


Dopp kits, small toiletry bags used to carry grooming and personal hygiene items, have a history dating back over a century. Charles Doppelt, a German leather artisan and immigrant to the United States, founded Charles Doppelt & Co. in 1919 as the beginning of the Dopp kit story. The company gained popularity for its leather goods, especially a small toiletry bag called the Dopp kit.


Essentially, a Dopp kit is a small bag for storing toiletries.

What makes it different from a regular toiletry bag? You’re in for an underwhelming response:

That’s not the case!

The terms “Dopp kit” and “toiletry bag” are interchangeable. Dopp kits are almost exclusively used in the U.S. and rarely, if ever, elsewhere. The ice hockey player uses mens Dopp Kit bag to organize their essentials like Silky Mitts Soap, Silky Mitts Balm, a deck of GONGSHOW Playing Cards, a roll of Black Hockey Tape, White Hockey Tape, a roll of Clear Hockey Tape, and everyday essentials while traveling for matches. It is easy to carry and takes less space.

R2G Sports Full Dye Sub Toiletries Bag

There is a large main compartment, a front pocket, and an elastic band to hold items in place. Various colors are available, and it is made of durable polyester. A great gift idea, it makes the perfect travel companion.

Every inch of the toiletries bag is a blank canvas, ready to be decked with vibrant designs, logos, and personalized touches. With Full Dye Sublimation, the fabric is soaked with dye, resulting in a durable, fade-resistant, and visually stunning product.

Why Choose Us For Full Dye Sub Toiletry Bag?

Unlimited Customization

The possibilities are endless with Full Dye Sublimation. Whether you’re a sports team looking to showcase your logo and team colors or a business looking to promote your brand, we can make your vision a reality. This process gains outstanding levels of detail and color accuracy.

Durability Beyond Compare

It is vital to have gear that can withstand the rigors of sports and travel. The custom toiletry bags we manufacture are not only beautiful, but they are also durable. With sublimated designs, your bag will look good even after many adventures due to its resistance to fading, peeling, and wear.

Express Your Identity

In addition to being helpful, your toiletry bag for men also extends your personality. You can express yourself in ways unthinkable with conventional designs when you use full-dye sublimation. Our bold, eye-catching designs or team logos ensure that your toiletries bag reflects your style.

Ideal for Teams and Events

Sports teams, contests, and corporate events require customization. Bulk orders are available, making it an ideal solution for organizations looking to create a sense of unity and identity. Team members carrying toiletry bags adorned with the team logo and colors is a powerful statement of teamwork.

Crafting Excellence

We are more than just a manufacturer; it shows uniqueness, innovation, and quality. Using Full Dye Sublimation, a cutting-edge printing technique, the company allows for distinctive customization. We turn your toiletries bag into a canvas of self-expression, not just a helpful addition.

The R2G Sports Advantage

Quality Assurance

Every step of the process, from the choice of fabrics to the Full Dye Sublimation process, is observed to ensure that the result is better than expected.

Fast Turnaround Times

Timing is crucial in the world of sports and events. In addition, we understand how important it is to deliver customized products as soon as possible. In addition to fast turnaround times, the company offers quality work without sacrificing efficiency.

Dedicated Customer Support

Customization can be a complex process. The company offers reliable customer service experts who guide clients through customization. From concept to completion, the team ensures each client’s vision.

Constant Innovation

We know that the world of sports and fashion is ever-evolving, and so are we. As a result, the company stays on top of the latest industry trends and technical advances, ensuring its products are up-to-date and ahead of the curve.

Conclusion for Toiletry Bag

We stand out as the best in innovation and customization in a world with generic outcomes. We redefine the concept of sports accessories by manufacturing Full Dye Sub Toiletries Bags/Dopp Kits that transform them from valuable items into personalized ideas of style and identity.

Whether you are an athlete preparing for competition, a business looking to make a lasting image or an individual who values high-quality and unique products, we invite you to explore Full Dye Sublimation’s endless possibilities. Improve your toiletries bag experience with R2G Sports – where customization meets excellence.


What are the benefits of an R2Gsports toiletry bag?

Our toiletry bags/dopp kit is specially designed for the ice hockey player who wants to travel for matches and keep their essentials safe. The Benefit of this bag is that you can keep all the important items for the travel in this easy-to-carry bag.

What is the size of R2Gsports Dopp bag?

The size of Full Dye Sublimated Toiletries Bag/Dopp Kit is 12″ x 7″ x 6″ which is quite spacious for your necessary goto items. You can choose various color options and customize them to your choice.

What items are in the Ice Hockey dopp bag for traveling?

Players use Dopp Kits to organize essentials like Silky Mitts Soap, Silky Mitts Balm, a deck of GONGSHOW Playing Cards, a roll of Black Hockey Tape, a roll of White Hockey Tape, and a roll of Clear Hockey Tape.

 Can I place a bulk order for my team?

Yes, R2gsports manufactures large orders for teams and businesses looking for trustworthy suppliers for uniforms, accessories, and bags at the best affordable prices. Our priority is to provide the best quality products to our customers.

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