Style your Custom Sports Uniforms with personalized team bags! Most teams, coaches, and colleges are looking for suppliers that create customized Equipment sports bags and backpacks with the best quality and long-term durability. Team bags show team spirit and give a stylish look to your uniform. 

The backpacks and bags should be spacious enough to organize the gear easily in one place without worrying about misplacement of your things. R2gsports is designing Sublimated sports bags that have your team logo and name printed with a choice of your team color at the very best market competitive price. 

Whether you are traveling or just going for practice, these bags are the best choice for you. In this blog, we will discuss each bag’s features and why choose us as your team backpack suppliers.

Types of Sublimated equipment bags 

Full dye sublimated Duffle bag ( Large and Medium)

This duffle bag has sublimated printing with different size options according to your team’s needs. These duffle bags are spacious and designed from breathable fabric. It has large center openings in which you can organize your whole sports equipment very easily. 

Full Dye Sub Baseball/Softball/Fastpitch Bat Backpack With Helmet Pouch

The huge front opening is handy. The fence hook on this bag is so you can tie it easily, and padded back for comfortable holding.

Sublimated Baseball/Softball/Fastpitch Bat Backpack has a size of 20″ x 15″ x 11″. It also has 2 Bat Sleeves and a Mesh Water Bottle Sleeve. The Top Valuables Pocket 2 Front Pockets for extra things and a Large Center Opening. The unique thing about it is that it has a Bottom Shoe Pocket and also a Fence Hook with a Top Handle and Padded Back.

Full Dye Sub Basketball/Volleyball/Soccer Backpack

This backpack has a pouchy style, which is easy to hold. It has a large center opening to organize your things easily with this backpack.

This Full Dye Sublimated Basic Backpack has dimensions of 18x11x6 inches with one front pocket, mesh water bottle sleeves, two large center pockets, and a padded back.

The Power of Customization

In today’s sports world, customization is the name of the game. Custom sublimated equipment bags provide a perfect avenue for athletes and teams to stand out. You can unleash your creativity and create equipment bags that are unique to your team with us . Customization has the following benefits:

Team Identity

Your team’s colors, logo, and name can be prominently displayed on equipment bags. As a result, your players will instantly feel a sense of identity and belonging.


Custom equipment bags are a great way to make sure that your team’s gear is easily visible, whether you’re using them for practices, games, or tournaments.


As players are picking up their equipment, personalized bags can serve as a constant reminder of the team’s goals, motivating them to perform at their very best.


By customizing your team’s appearance, you’ll be able to leave an impression on your opponents, spectators, and partners that will last a lifetime.


It is their goal to ensure that your custom equipment bags are made of the best quality and designed to stand up to the rigors of sports and travel.

The Sublimation Advantage

The secret sauce that sets them apart is sublimation printing. In contrast to traditional printing methods, sublimation allows for intricate and durable designs that won’t fade or crack over time. For custom equipment bags, sublimation is the way to go:

Vibrant Colors

With sublimation printing, you are able to reproduce vibrant and full-color designs with stunning clarity. As a result, your team’s colors will jump off the bag, making it truly eye-catching.


Inks used in sublimation permeate the fabric, creating a virtually indestructible bond. We guarantee your custom designs will endure countless washings and seasons of use.


The fabric does not become rubbery or heavy after sublimation. Instead, it keeps your gear fresh by allowing it to breathe.

Unlimited Design Possibilities

There are no limits to your creativity when it comes to sublimation. The design of your bag can incorporate intricate patterns, gradients, and even photorealistic images.

Creating Your Own Custom Sublimated Equipment Bag

It’s time to get creative and design your team’s custom equipment bags now that you understand the power of customization and sublimation. To get you started, here is a step-by-step guide:

Choose Your Bag Style

You can choose from a variety of bags to meet your team’s needs, including duffels, backpacks, and drawstring bags.

Select Your Colors

Select the primary and accent colors that you would like to represent your team. It will be these colors that will form the backdrop for your design.

Upload Your Logo and Graphics

Upload your team’s logo, mascot, or any other graphics that you would like to include in the design of your shirt. We have in-house designers who will make sure your graphics are positioned and resized effectively.

Design Your Bag

You can choose from our given equipment bags, and the specifications mentioned will make it easy to choose what you are looking for. You can personalize them with your logo and team name.

Review and Confirm

Our In-house designers will send you a mockup in 24 hours for confirmation via Email, and you can confirm it so the process of making takes place.

Wait for Delivery

You can rely on us to manufacture your custom sublimated equipment bags with precision and care. You’ll receive your unique bags soon, ready to boost team spirit.


Sublimated equipment bags from us are more than just bags; they are a symbol of unity and your team’s identity. Your team will stand out from the competition and make a lasting impression with the power of customization and the durability of sublimation printing. Why settle for generic bags when you can create something truly unique? R2G Sports offers sublimated equipment bags that will elevate your team’s spirit, motivation, and professionalism. Let your team’s identity come to life like never before when you start designing today.

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