Lacrosse – Field Hockey

R2G Sports offers a wide range of Jerseys, lacrosse Shorts, belts, and Accessories to provide your Men’s Lacrosse and Women’s   Lacrosse jerseys and Field Hockey Teams with high-quality, functional, and fashionable uniforms and outerwear. R2G Sports has 3 types of Men’s jersey patterns – Pro-Fit, Pro Line and Varsity. Pro-Fit jerseys have a Pro Style V-neck, and armhole inserts and provide a premium jersey pattern for high school and college teams.

Pro Line jerseys have a square or modified single-ply yoke and upgraded V-neck. Varsity patterns are perfect for all teams and value priced to fit your budget. Women’s jerseys are available in Pro-Line and Varsity patterns. All jerseys are available in a variety of performance fabrics. R2G Sports also offers Sleeveless Jersey and Sleeveless Pinnie patterns available in single-ply and double-ply or single-ply reversible patterns. R2G Sports Single-Ply reversible fabric is a special Low Bleed-through Mock Mesh fabric so your designs don’t show through to the other side of the garment. Our graphic designers will create a one-of-a-kind custom jersey that’s just right for your team. Complete your team look with Shorts, Lacrosse Kilts, Hoodies, Shooting Shirts, Workout Gear, Warmup
Jackets and Pants are all custom-designed to match your uniforms.

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